Poker and Rummy are two of the most amazing skill based card games of all time. As online gaming apps have now adorned these games with new avatars, their popularity has skyrocketed in the recent years.The Indian gaming ecosystem is setting new milestones as it nears the 1 billion mark in revenue by 2021 and Rummy and Poker are one of the highest grossing online games in India that folks love to play for real money. 

As per industry reports, the Poker game enjoys over 3 million active users in India as of 2021 and is expected to follow this trajectory of stupendous growth in the coming years. The online version of Rummy game enjoys an even greater audience in the country boasting an active user base of over 20 million. So, if you are wondering if these card games are related to one another and worth your time, why not just find out?

When Were They Born?

Both card games are deep rooted in poker history and travels back centuries. While the primitive version of Poker dates back to as early as 9th century BC to China, the version of poker that we know today was formed in France in the 14th century and was called “Poque”. It was played with a deck of 52 cards and featured similar gameplay like the modern day of Poker. 

The most common theory of origin in Rummy that has made the rounds everywhere is that it evolved from an early game called Conquian that is believed to have been born in Mexico or Spain in the 17th century whose basic rules mimicked those of modern Online Rummy Game. The Spanish then moved across other parts of the world spreading the game and making it popular. As the game travelled over time, new variations came into play.

So, if you haven’t tried your hands on either of these marvelous games, we shall make a brief comparision of both card games in terms of its gameplay and rules, and you can decide which you speaks to you more or maybe, you could dabble with both.

Similarities And Differences Between Poker And Rummy

While both Poker and Rummy games are distinct in nature of its gameplay, with Poker being a little more complicated than Rummy, there are some features that are common to both. Let’s begin with the similarities of both games.

How Are Poker And Rummy Similar?

  • Both Poker and Rummy are skill based games that require a certain set of skills and strategy to be a successful player. Likewise, they also carry an element of luck in regard to the cards that are randomly shuffled and dealt in the game. It is up to the player as to how they strategize and play their cards to victory.
  • Both card games require a dealer to shuffle and deal cards in each round. He/she is the one who begins the game. If you are playing live games of Poker and Rummy, the dealer must also keep a record of the pot money and make sure all players on the table abide the game rules and ethics.
  • Both Rummy and Poker are combination based card games that require players to make different sets and sequences. The ranking or value or combinations, however, vary from one another. 
  • A game of poker needs you to follow the hand ranking chart to make the best five card hand combination to beat your opponents. Likewise, Rummy requires you to make combinations of sets and sequences of any rank with one pure sequence that’s mandatory for showdown.
  • Both Rummy and Poker games require you to go to showdown in which you need to show your cards to determine the winner of the hand. Also, players have the option to fold their hand any time during the hand in both card games.

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  • Both Poker and Rummy need at least 2 players to play the game. In tournaments, both games are played across multiple tables with a fixed number of participants and as players get eliminated when the game progress, the tables are merged and remaining players are seated together who play against one another. The last player standing wins the majority chunk of the prize pool.

How Are They Different?

  • Rummy is a matching card game where you need to match your cards in combination of sets (three or more cards of the same rank but different suit) and sequences (three or more cards arranged in a sequence).
  • In a Rummy game, you need to make valid combinations of sets and sequences of minimum three cards each using the cards you are dealt in a hand. In a Poker game, you need to make the best five card hand in accordance to the poker hand rankings to win a hand.
  • Poker games involve betting of chips in each consecutive round to stay active in the hand. If you run out of chips, you are out of the game. Rummy games do not involve betting of chips of any kind and is essentially card matching game. Deals Rummy is an exception, the basic game rules do not change, however, you play with chips and if you win the game, you win the opponent’s chips as well. Whosoever runs out of them, is eliminated.

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  • A Rummy game needs each active player to declare your cards to determine the winner. In a Poker game, players do not necessarily need to reach showdown or declare their cards to win the pot money. If your opponents fold before showdown and you are the last man standing, you win the hand by default.
  • Both Poker and Rummy are played with a deck of 52 cards. Jokers are not used in a Poker game. In Rummy, Jokers are wild cards that can be substituted to represent any missing card in a combination.
  • While Rummy games are fairly easier to play with simpler rules and gameplay, Poker is a relatively complex game with a few more elements and requires a higher degree of skill and probability to be a winning player.

To sum up, both Rummy and Poker games are stellar choices when it comes to having a good time and money earning online. Play them both on PokerBaazi and enjoy plenty of opportunities to win real cash daily and exciting rewards. To know what’s rolling on the tables, hit our promotions tab to find out and get started.