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There are multiple types of games that hold the interest and attention of people throughout the world. One of the most popular options, and long-time running games, is playing poker cards. This cash game requires proper poker skill and understanding of the gameplay to participate effectively.
While many players who like poker cash game have a natural affinity towards the game, others train and hone skills to get better. Indeed, learning the poker cards rules as well as the gameplay first is useful for poker strategy and smart playing. After learning the poker cards rules and practicing the game in long-term, the probabilities of winning a high-stakes online poker game.

What are poker cards

Poker is a game focused on card play that has been in history for a long period. Particularly, poker cards are specially prepared playing cards with finished sheen for easier management. The motifs for different playing cards are different. In poker, the most commonly used poker cards playing option is with a 52-card deck

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Overall, the deck consists of 13 ranking cards, from ace to king as. The deck includes different French suits, specifically diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs. Not to mention, there are high-ranking cards in a 52-card deck are the Queen, King, Joker, Jack, and Ace. All of them have different designs and values. For example, some players play poker and arrange their poker cards order, with the Ace above the King. On the other hand, some players use the Ace card as 1, and keep it lower than 2.

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To put it simply, you would notice different game types of poker cards online as well as offline. Also, players opt for this card game in professional leagues or for recreational purposes at home as well. All in all, strategic and skilled poker gameplay is important to win hands in poker. Therefore, players need to learn the poker cards sequence and appropriate methods to win at poker

Poker Cards Order and Rankings

In regular card games, the card suits symbolism is highly important to understand the ranking of the poker cards. Generally, the poker cards sequence does not have any set hierarchy or suit rankings

The Poker Cards Suits Include:

  • Clubs
  • Spades
  • Hearts
  • Diamonds

As per poker cards rules, the ace of heart has the same value as that of diamonds. Yet, in particular games, you would notice an issue regarding how to deal the poker cards sequence to all the players. To simplify, the players randomly decide who would deal the first hand. In different countries, the players can randomly choose any technique or type of poker tells to deal. Therefore, if you are playing poker cards online following the Italian technique, you have to follow it throughout the game.

The first part of valuing poker cards is to focus on the rank and then the suit. Many users utilize the high-card-by-suit approach to break any ties during a hand of poker cards. Generally, these suits are useful for players to make particular game-related decisions in each game. The poker rules allow this for the following circumstances:

  • Players’ selection- Players get the poker cards, and those who get the highest card by suit are chosen. This is useful for selecting more than one individual for poker cards online game.
  • Game selection- Besides choosing which player would get to make the first deal, players use the high-card-by-suit technique to select which game to play as well.
  • Pot division- High-low split games generally include players who have a tie of poker cards. In this, both of the players who get the tie must share the winnings equally. However, in case the total earning amount has an uneven value, the player with the higher card by suit would gain the total pot.

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Poker Card Rules

Like any basic cash game, poker cards also work on certain predefined rules that are based on a 52- cards deck. In particular poker game variations, players can use more than a single deck to play the game. To note, the highest rank here goes to the Ace card, then the King, Queen, Jack,10, 9, and so on. Also, 2 holds the lowest value in most versions of the poker cards order, although some include Ace as the lowest.

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In one poker hand, the players can hold five poker cards. Later, the one who has the highest hand (total of all the card ranks equal to the hand value) wins the match according to the poker cards rules. Not to mention, particular games include wildcards as well. Mostly, this is the Joker, but some players change their wild card choice in their poker cards order.

Online Poker Card Hand Ranking

According to poker cards rules, there are ten types of poker hands that are mentioned in detail below. To note, this poker cards order is broken down into ranks of poker cards.

Royal flush

The Royal Flush includes Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of any suit. It is a rare poker cards sequence that a player can get while playing poker.

Straight flush

A poker cards sequence with five cards of the same suit, regardless of its numerical order. A player can beat a straight flush poker card order of their opponent if they have a stronger straight flush (with higher-ranking cards).

Four of a kind

A player has the four cards of the same value from different suits in one hand. If this poker cards sequence falls into a tie, the player with the higher four of a kind would win. For example, a player with four Kings and one high card would win over another player with four Jacks

Full house

Here, the poker cards sequence includes three similar poker cards but of similar rank and one pair of identical rank. The player with the bigger trio would win the tie. In case two players have a full house poker with a high-scoring trio, poker cards rules suggest that the one with a bigger pair would win.


Here, the player gets a poker cards sequence full of all five cards belonging to one suit only. In case of a tie, the player who has a bigger high card would win in Flush Poker


A straight includes five cards in the poker cards in order to have chronological value, like 5,4,3,2,1 or 4,5,6,7,8. Here, players can choose the ace of poker cards to have a high value or a low value in the poker cards order in straight poker

Three of a kind

All three poker cards in hand have the same rank from different suits. The other two cards in this poker cards sequence should have a higher value compared to another player’s three-of-a kind poker hands. The one with the bigger three-of-a-kind wins.

Two pairs

This poker cards sequence includes a fifth card and two pairs of poker cards. The one with the highest poker cards pair wins.


There are three distinct poker cards in this hand, alongside one pair of poker cards. The poker card rules state that the one with a high card wins the round.

High card

This card does not qualify for the other poker rankings mentioned. However, this is useful for breaking ties of poker cards..

How to Play Poker Cards Online

There are multiple ways available to play poker cards online, either through dedicated websites, virtual rooms, or apps. One of the reliable options for poker cards online is PokerBaazi, one of India’s biggest Indian poker platforms where you can play premium poker cards games online round the clock and also earn real money

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First, it is important to download the app or software for poker cards online onto your chosen device. Also, you can directly play poker cards online via particular websites if downloading is not a viable option for you. Such platforms for poker cards online would ask about the minimum age restrictions, and players have to submit age check forms.

Like on PokerBaazi, you can download poker app on your smartphone or also choose to play directly using the ‘Instant Play’ tab. Then, in a poker cards online game, you can deposit the necessary amount securely via an available payment gateway. Then, you can choose a game type and begin playing online real money poker online games following the appropriate poker cards sequence with your chosen hand of poker cards and win real money

Users can easily withdraw their money on credible online best poker sites such as ours within 24 working hours. Ease of usage, secure transactions, variety in game options, and responsive features overall improve the app users’ experience on responsible gaming platforms.

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