A low-stakes online poker game is the kindergarten period in every poker player’s career. It’s important for poker players to realize that these felts are filled with unskilled/amateur players and of course, the unrealistically tight regulars. Now, that translates to two things, great winning days and equally bad losing days. Consistently winning could become a problem area for most and lead to disastrous tilts.

If you have decided to take on this mind sport of online poker professionally, it’s important for you to not just learn how to rise up in stakes strategies, but also how to adjust those poker strategies against players who aren’t even aware of those strategies. Keep these few tips in mind and keep those bad beats just fine!

It’s a Game of No Fold’em – Brace Yourself

It’s important for you to set your base thought right, which in this case, is bad online poker players haven’t yet learned how to fold. Unless you want to sign straight up for bad beats, remember that your aces will still get cracked thrice in a row! They are bound to chase that gutshot straight draw from the flop to the river, even if it meant 16% equity! Chances are they even hit it a few times in a row. That’s just a game of online poker with amateurs, so prepare yourself for all the half-baked poker strategies coming your way.

Pull the Plug on Losing Days

Everyday cannot be a winning day when you play poker online. The sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you become a consistent winning player in the long run. This is the difference between the good and the bad players, the former recognizes when he/she needs to stop playing.

If you are having a bad day, a day when absolutely nothing is working, quit playing early and you will bleed less. Unlike the bad players who are certainly going to try and win their money back, playing some poor poker online, making bad judgments and burning a deeper hole in their pockets.

Poker Math Will Always Prevail

When you wonder how he/she hit that 16% and focus all your brain power on that number, you forget the remaining 84%! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is live evidence that skill crushes luck when you play poker online The underdog might hit his/her straight once, twice or even thrice, but how about the 10th, 20th and 100th time? Poker Math will always add up and over a large enough sample size shall not give luck a chance! That’s right you can’t stay up all night trying to get lucky when you play poker online.

Ride Straight to Value Town

When you play poker online regularly, it’s important for you to identify and profile your opponents on the low stakes felts. If you have done your homework, you probably know that they fall into two categories mainly: the tight-passive regs and the loose recreational players aka ‘calling stations’. With that in mind, you know there’s no point bluffing them, they are calling it all!

Your winning mantra? Maximize value with your good poker hands. Here’s the extra tip – it’s not just about milking the pocket aces, it’s also about the thin value bets when you have a second or third pair on the river. They will probably hero call you with an ace high. So, don’t let it reach a showdown when you know they are calling you with a worse hand.

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