Poker has a stigma attached to it as it is usually played in casinos. Most people, especially parents are not very supportive when it comes to choosing poker as a profession as they feel that playing poker online is gambling as well. Lack of knowledge is the main reason that people don’t take poker seriously. If you are a good player and want to convince your parents about the same, Read on to know how Convince your parents to play poker


You need to tell them and show them what playing poker is all about. The first step is to get rid of the half-baked information that people have about poker. The general notion is that poker is a shady game that is nothing but gambling. So, you will have to educate your parents that professional poker is not like that.

Poker requires intelligence, a flair for quick thinking and it is all about keeping your calm. Professional poker players take their game very seriously. They hit the gym regularly, learn more each day and do exercises that will help them become a better player. Your parents need to know, like any other game; playing poker online also requires sufficient effort and talent.

You can still work your regular day job

Your parents need to understand that playing poker does not mean you will quit your job. In fact, poker is an incredible way to make some extra money and have fun at the same time. Poker is a flexible sport and can be played even online. So, if you are a talented player, you will be making a lot of money. The myth surrounding poker that you just gamble away the money is totally false. Players study their opponents, consider the risk, and applying strategic betting requires an immense amount of thinking. This is something you will have to make them understand.

Get rid of the image

When your parents think about you playing poker online, they must think that you are there losing all your money, consuming high amounts of alcohol, smoking and what not. Show them this is false. Professional players stay away from all of this. In fact, most poker centres do not serve alcohol. For them, it is a serious sport like any other sport.

Cuz Traveling is Fun

Let them know the bright side of poker. You will not only earn big bucks but will also get to travel to some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations like Prague, Macau, etc., because this is where the poker tournaments take place.

Time to Teach

The best way for you to convince them to play is to teach them. You need not make them professional players, you just need to teach them how you play, the rules and the tricks. This way it will become easier for them to comprehend that poker is not something you can easily take up. They might even start appreciating your talent and capabilities.

Show Them the Money

If you are a fantastic player, you can easily earn lots of money online in poker. Show them your earnings and your losses, so, when they see the figures they will realise how much money you are actually earning.

When the numbers are right in front of them, it will be difficult for them to deny it. Make sure you show them hard proof about how much you are spending on poker and how much you are gaining.

It is Not an Addiction

You need to make sure that they realise that playing poker is not some sort of addiction, but you actually play to win, earn and have fun. Most people consider poker as a sport, and it is also broadcasted on TV. Poker is, in fact, a serious game where you need the necessary skills to ace it. You will have to be fit, never lose your cool and have immense knowledge about the game.

You will still be the same person

Due to the stigma attached to poker, your parents might feel you will change as a person- become moody, easily irritated, will start keeping a distance from your parents, etc. Help them understand you will remain the same person and poker is just a game. You need to make them realise that you know the pros and cons of the game, but you enjoy it and that’s why you choose to play poker.