At times, Poker games bring you down to situations where players are supposed to come with spontaneous actions, many stressful plays all the time demanding high levels of concentration. When you pay poker, the ability of decision-making is a key ingredient for the players out there, and this is must be attained through rigorous practice. 

Poker can help meet all the expectations you see from entertainment to money to making new friends. When you play poker, however, one thing that you might struggle is staying in shape and channeling the mental energy that the mind of a poker player demands. 

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Unfortunately, to play poker regularly might turn players into a couch potato where you sit around for longer periods of time without burning any calories. To reduce stress, we have motioned a quick healthy routine one should follow in order to keep the brain healthy, focused and working optimally for maximum wins and mastering Texas Hold’em Poker and other variants of the game.

Drink a Lot

Well, when it is stated drink a lot, we nowhere mean that players target on hard drinks! Yep, pun intended. All we mean is hydrate! Drink normal water or juice it up with flavours. Drinking a lot of water is important because when you sit at the tables either playing online poker tournaments or live poker games, you need to rejuvenate and keep you awake at all times.

For the extra boost and energy to play poker optimally, players should stick to caffeine as it works well with stress on the heart. Also, players should be aware that the consumption of sodas can lead to high blood sugar, then suddenly drop which is due to the high content of sugar that can affect poker playing skills. Strike a balance!

Focus on Eating Habits

Aiming to get the best poker sequences should be listed second here because the prior thing to think of is a healthy diet first. Why? That’s because players are often traveling and living with unhealthy diet I.e. junk all the time. So, if you play poker in the long run, a big no to junk, and hands-on healthy food players!

Make sure to have complete meals three times a day. Additionally, eat light snacks in between to refuel your batteries. Players should be eating every couple of hours to maintain the energy levels so that they can focus better.

Make sure that you are having a moderate sized meal before you sit for the game. You will agree to it, eat less as you tend to be more alert when your stomach is not full.

Optimize Your Sleep Hours

When you choose to play poker tournaments, you end up grinding constantly for 10- 12 hours that too with high concentration and stressful situations. After all, money cannot be piled on that easily!

Though it’s fun as every poker hand gets intriguing as time passes, pretty much-indulging things tend to be. To deal with these hard situations, players should make sure that they have a complete round of 8 hours peaceful sleep. Not sleeping properly can bulge you to vague decisions and keep your emotions on an even keel.

Moreover, when you play poker, overdosing can also hurt your performances  and lead you to downswings like unnecessary anger, depression, aggressiveness and mood swings. So, Poker lovers, have a balanced blend of sleep, food, and drinks so that you give a splendid performance on the tables no matter the hands you are dealt.