The world of dating is a tricky one and is getting harder every passing year as most women are finding it difficult to find a decent guy who is reliable and faithful. Looking at the present situation, it is now brewing up a challenge to get into a real relationship.

However, when poker men are kept into consideration, you won’t see too many women unhappy with their relationship. You will see that almost every time poker players sit down for a game, all the interesting women in the room tend to raise their eyebrows. A sensational aura is created as soon as the best poker players hit the room.

Why do the ladies find themselves relatively more attracted to poker players than to other men? Why is it that poker players seldom, fall short of girls around him? You might come up with a list of questions regarding the demand of poker players and look for answers to these baffling questions.

Going through deep research, we built a few points that could justify the fact that women feel a tad bit more whimsical over poker players.

Poker players can survive a bullet to the heart

High rolling poker players are as tough as nails, this tough attitude grows quickly within the soul of a poker player and is strengthened each time they play. It has implications in all areas of their life from business to relationships.


Well, it effortlessly works for poker players to spread their charm as soon as they step into the room, a pair of glasses and classy shoes, they are ready to steal the hearts. Needless to say, one’s personality clearly reflects the fierce mindset of a player. Professional poker players, innately, carry a sharp expression while grinding on a poker table which makes them look incredibly alluring.

Poker players take up space

Your body language says it all. The way you suffuse yourself, the way you mark your territory. It doesn’t just intimidate your opponents in poker, but it says to the audience in the room that here is a man of substance. Here’s a man who can lead an empire. The rare kind of man that’s worthy of respect.

Professional Players Look Straight In The Eye

There are sparse conditions when men will speak what they exactly mean and most of the time they come up with diplomatic and confused statements. Without a doubt, most men can end the entire discussion by avoiding eye contact with women which boldly states that the story has been freshly cooked. They tend to avoid arguments with their women by portraying false stories that they think can save them at that moment.

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However, this is not the case with dutiful poker players. Poker players are never afraid to look their women directly in the eye. This kind of eye contact forces people to either put up or shut up.

Poker players will always initiate a lead

Professional poker game players, being natural leaders, focus on constantly shaping the world in their image and determining the fate of others at the table. This leadership quality in a relationship is desired by almost every woman. Though, they say they want a nice guy for a boyfriend, what they really want is an equally dominant man to walk the talk. This take-charge attitude signals to her that you have excellent genes that are pretty responsible towards their actions.


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