In the family of card games, Poker is a skill based game of mental warfare that stands out. While variations of the game have been around since the 17th century, one of the prominent ones being the French variant known as Poque, Poker truly hit the mark in popular culture in the 1970s as modern tournaments became a regular part of American casinos ever since the World Series of Poker took off in 1970.

In recent times, poker’s popularity has experienced an unprecedented peak especially after the advent of poker sites and hole card cameras that transformed the poker game into a spectator sport. Now that viewers became a part of the action on television, they could also play the game at home as well.

Also, due to the popularity of poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, the audience for poker games grew in millions and consequently, professional players evolved to embrace the status of a celebrity over the years.

Now that technology has blessed us with online poker madness, it would be foolish not to enjoy the perks this sport has to offer to each one of us. The question is, what exactly makes the game of poker so engrossing and inherently popular among the crowd? Let’s find out.

The Taste of Victory

Professionals more than often, do not play poker games merely due to the phenomenal income opportunities but more so, due to the innate element of challenge that the game demands. Poker games require a finer skill set to compete with others and prove yourself astute and edged than your competitors.

More than often, most professional poker players derive satisfaction from the victory rather than the reward that comes with it. This implies steep competition as more chunk of players enter the field to try and beat their rivals and soak in the rush.

The Poker Boom

As the number of online poker rooms are up and about for play today, the global poker community has grown manifold and individuals from all corners are inclined to take a dig at it. Due to the widened opportunities through satellites, tournaments and cash games across stakes driving round the clock, the ease of access and convenience of online poker games have definitely helped it top the charts. 

The online poker revolution raised the awareness of the game and the variations on offer in online poker rooms give plenty of choices to settle for a game that speaks. From freerolls to micro stakes to the big guns, players of all calibre and experience can take a jab at earning some money on a level playing field.

In fact, if we roll back to 2003, the causal event that kicked off the online poker sensation per se was the event of World Series of Poker 2003 wherein Chris MoneyMaker, an accountant by profession, entered the competition through a $86 satellite event and won the title along with a lofty sum of $2.5 million instantly capturing the status of a celebrity.

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Today, popular as the Moneymaker effect, this event opened doors for novices worldwide to give a real shot at this mind sport that earlier scented of elite exclusivity.

The Mental Grind

At its heart, poker real money games are inherently skill based that need you to be adept with a range of abilities and skill to smash your opponents. To become a shrewd poker player, you need to enhance your basic knowledge of the game and expand your mental range to include some key aspects that can elevate your game to the next level.

This comprises incorporating certain factors in your online poker strategy such as studying hand history, pot odds and implied odds to comprehend the likelihood of an outcome in a hand better. Besides, the art of psychologically swinging your opponents is what further spikes the thrill quotient of poker games every time there’s a new hand at play. 

Go Social

Be it the live poker tables or online poker rooms, playing live or online poker games are a great activity for those who wish to spend time with friends, meet new like minded folks and enjoy some refreshing banter and maybe even exchange a few tricks of the trade, if need be.

Even since the lockdown kicked in, online poker rooms hosting the option of private tables helped bridge the social distance and keep the action going as interested players could now join tables together and set the poker rules of the game (buy-in, stakes, blinds etc) and play private games as per their convenience.

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As the game gains traction now more than ever, new players are joining the community in huge flocks and from hereon, it is safe to say that the online poker trend is quite likely to enjoy an upward streak in India.

Poker games set the floor for individuals to test their intellectual capabilities, enjoy the thrill that cascades and soak in the swings with mindful emotional control and efficient bankroll management. To sum up, online poker games are the quintessential combo of fun, challenge, lessons and rewards that makes it the perfect card game for people to make the most out of their time. 

How to Get Started?

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