Pineapple Open Face Chinese poker is in the take-off stage in the Indian poker industry. With poker pros and newbies all trying their hand at Open Face Chinese poker for real money, you need to get a hang of it to enjoy latest promotions!

In our last blog in the OFC 101 series, we discussed about the basic strategies and tips to play Open Face Chinese poker. We covered various significant aspects such as the importance of the first five cards, how fouling and scooping are different concepts in OFC poker variants and much more.

Today, we’re going to talk about various exciting OFC poker variants and their working. If you’re someone who loves to play online games that set you at the edge of your seat, then you’re up for a treat!

What is Fantasy Land in OFC Poker

In order to understand the new variants of OFC poker, first we should know what is Fantasy Land in OFC poker. In this part of the game, players are awarded additional points. If a player manages to set Queens or better in the top row, they qualify for a fantasy hand. This means once that round is complete, an additional round is dealt- only this time, the player who had a fantasy hand is dealt with 14-17 cards in one go depending on the variant of the game.

Details of OFC Poker Variants

Regular OFC

Upon setting QQ (pair of queens) or higher on the top row without fouling, a player enters fantasy land. In Regular OFC poker variants, a player is dealt with 14 cards in one go with one card to be discarded. If he/she manages to qualify for a recurring fantasy land, they get 14 cards once again.

Progressive OFC

Playing Open Face Chinese poker becomes more interesting with the progressive format being introduced. Similar to regular OFC, if you set QQ (pair of queens) in the top row, you get 14 cards in the next round. However, if you manage to form a KK (pair of kings), you will be given 15 cards and 16 cards if you place AAÂ (pocket aces) on the top row. You will be given 17 cards if you manage to place three-of-a-kind/trips in the top row. This means you get 4 extra cards to make the best possible poker hands in Progressive OFC poker variant. However, if a player enters recurring fantasy land, he/she will get 14 cards in the next round.

Ultimate OFC

Similar to the progressive OFC format, fantasy land in Ultimate OFC deals the same number of cards based of the cards placed in the top row by a player. The only distinction between the two OFC poker variants is that the number of cards dealt upon entering fantasy land is the same as in progressive OFC, and does not change no matter how many times a player qualifies for recurring fantasy land.

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