Poker games are the best thing that could happen to movies- Do you agree? You got to if you are a poker addict and a movie buff too. What’s there not to! With all the mystery, drama, romance, and thrill involved in the tourney of tables, poker games add more intrigue to a movie.

Filmmakers and writers are often found scripting scenes in the language of cards. A silent eye-contact followed by even silent showdown syncs well with the fate of the characters. Not very long ago, Hollywood gave us one more reason to fall head-over-heels in love with poker once again- Casino Royale.

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The movie shows the British agent bragging his skills every now and then. Very patiently, and strategically, he sweeps clean. Both, on and off felts. After all, that’s how poker mons! The celebrated character of Bond 007 has kept us awestruck ever since his birth in the novels of Ian Fleming.

Generation after generation, Bond continues to flabbergast us with his alluring charm and undying spirit to win. A trait very similar to that of a poker player, actually, a good poker player. So, are you ready to play real money poker like a Bond?

Do you think you have what it takes to go beyond the usual in online poker games? Are you cool and focused? And, most importantly, do you have Plan B &…Z? If yes, then you got to be nowhere else but at the digital felts of the National Poker Series (NPS)! 


National Poker Series

Take The Path to Glory!

You heard it right. Its time to engage yourself in an unforgiving battle of psychological warfare and shrewd tactics to bring home the title of India’s first poker gold medalist. NPS is India’s first even Gold Championship poker series that’s set to redefine the Indian poker landscape by offering players opportunities to be part of the crème of the crop.

This June, navigate through a pool of India’s most competitive talent to rank higher in the Medal Leaderboard and finish among the top three podiums. Worried about your bankroll? You need not be.

69 satellites with tickets in online games worth 1.2 Crore+ is up for grabs with buy-ins that start at just 55 INR! Facts forward, the journey doesn’t end here, the top 3 players will represent India at the Las Vegas Series event and get to flaunt their skills among some of the best players in the world. How’s that for a poker dream?

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