The story fast forwards to 4018 AD in a parallel universe where X-Men, both from Charles Xavier’s side and Magneto’s side, are busy figuring out which the better side is. What is in it for the humans? Well, the outcome also decides the future of the human race as well. 

Charles Xavier and His School for the Gifted

The children born with a special X-factor in their genes are called Mutants. These mutants have some special superpowers and they have one of the two views on humans- a group of mutants supports humans while the other does not. The former group of children lives and studies in a mansion-turned-school of the noted telepath Professor Charles Xavier.

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This school is called the Charles Xavier School for the Gifted. A little away from this school are the houses of half-mutant and senator Robert Kelly, and Level 3 mutant Eric Lansher aka Magneto, and they both hate humans. They have their own group of mutants who think likewise and live with them.

Introduction of Logan aka Wolverine Professor Xavier goes the Gandhi way of dealing with the differences but is opposed by Kelly and Magneto. They, thus agree to finally sort it with big stakes- the winner decides the fate of humanity. 

The date is fixed for a few weeks later and the place is fixed as very own school. He brings together a special group of pro poker players and mutants called “X-Men” to figure out something.

The two main figures in them are Logan aka Wolverine (half man half wolf) and Dr. Jene Grey (another telepath). He polishes and refines their gaming poker skills for the final test, and channelizes their emotions along with their respective strengths to make them a better Poker player.

Magneto and Senator Kelly happen to be pro poker players themselves. They also have other players like Sabretooth with them who are famous for winning even WSOP.

Not Just Another Game of Poker

The game starts and senator Kelly and Magneto take the lead with chip count. Xavier’s X-Men pull up their socks and win out next few hands to level the chip count. Over a few hard-fought rounds, it is soon reduced to a heads-up between Xavier and Magneto.

A Master Move

As the cards are being dealt, Logan notices Sabretooth coming behind Xavier for seeing his cards and alerting his master. Logan draws his claws and is about to spring on Sabretooth when Magneto jams his metallic skeleton. Seeing this Xavier hypnotizes senator Kelly to take off Magneto’s helmet and thus giving Xavier a free field to control the bad beat.

Magneto and Senator Kelly are both shamed and defeated as they leave the Professor’s place. It all happened in a few seconds, but the result is that the humans are now allowed to happily coexist. They celebrate it with forming an organization called PokerBaazi whose website is now termed as India’s most trusted online poker site. It organizes various online poker games and tournaments for players across all playing levels and showers the winners with BIG rewards!