Poker is a mind-sport that can be learned overnight, but it takes a lifetime to master it. Understanding the concept of ranges, poker maths and the correct usage of instinct makes it a complex yet enjoyable process.

Here are a few tips on how to play poker various hands in the pre-flop round in Texas Hold’em poker.

How to Play Premium Poker Hands (AA, KK, QQ, JJ)

These poker hands hold a lot of value and can put you way ahead in the poker. It can easily be an over pair, higher than any card on the board. In tighter games, especially online, a player should not go all-in with a QQ at this stage. AA is one of the most difficult hand to defeat but a player could always try not to over bet. It basically depends on different variables such as what is the texture of the board and playing style of your poker opponents.

How to Play Top Pairs (AK, AJ, KQ)

Poker Hands like these usually make top pair with a kicker to help, when they hit the flop. Kickers play a crucial role in Texas Hold’em because two players can always hit the same pair and it then comes to the kicker which decides their fate in online poker games. It’s always advisable to play tight in such cases. Call and see the flop in case someone raises and if that’s not the case, it would be smart to raise and dominate the game in Texas Hold’em poker.

How to Play Suited Connectors (KQc-89c)

Suited and connected poker hands make a good prospect of hitting a straight or a flush draw when the flop is rolled out. In Texas Hold’em poker, it has to be both suited and connected for it to be a good hand, otherwise, you’ll be a fool putting money in some trash hands. However, you should take the chance only if the bets are cheap.

How to Play Pocket Pairs (TT, 22)

It is common to see an overcard that is compatible with your pocket pair in Texas Hold’em online poker games. Major value addition is seen when your pair flops a set (three of a kind). If you find yourself hitting a set and if there’s no raiser before you on the table, go ahead in the game. Additionally, small pocket pairs can be profitable in cheap flops.

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