Card games in India flaunt a rich history dating back all the way to the 16th century. It was the Mughals from Central Asia who were the first to usher in this genre of games to India through a special card game known as “Ganjifa”. The name, Ganjifa itself was born from the Persian term, “ganjifeh” that meant playing cards. The reference of this card game was later, discovered in the biography of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Dynasty in India.

If this fun fact has raised eyebrows today, why not feel it up and discover with us the coolest bunch of free card games that you can play online poker  in the 21st century and maybe even earn some when you ace them?

Without much ado, here are a few free card games in India that you can play online and earn real money on India’s top online gaming platforms.

Go Fish 

Go Fish is a fast paced card game that’s best played between 2-5 players. One deal of Go Fish doesn’t last for more than 5-15 minutes. This card game is an ideal pick for those who like to enjoy a quick game during lunch breaks.  

The goal of Go Fish free card games is to collect the maximum number of books, aka, a set of four cards each of having the same rank or value. Players ask each other cards to collect books which opponents must offer.

In case, one doesn’t have the asked card, he/she says, “Go Fish” and then the questioner must pick up the top most card from the closed pile. The game ends once all 13 cards are made. Like most free card games, Go Fish too has many variations such as Happy Families, Educational Go Fish and more.


Thanks to Microsoft Windows, Solitaire has reached global popularity. Earlier available as free card games on Windows PC, now you can play these free card games online even on your smartphones. A relatively easy game that now you can also play to win real money games across gaming platforms, the goal of Solitaire card games is to form books of 13 each of the same suit. 

The gameplay of Solitaire requires you to arrange all tableau cards into foundational columns from the highest to the lowest rank. You do this by moving the face up cards from one pile to another. Once all cards have been arranged into their respective suits, you win.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a tweak on the original game of Solitaire. This variation is played with 2 decks of cards which you need to arrange into 10 piles. Unlike Solitaire, in free card games of Spider Solitaire, there exists no foundational cards. Players must arrange all the cards into four unique piles of the same suit each. There’s no extra pile of cards in Spider Solitaire free card games. Here, you need to draw cards from the remaining piles of unmatched cards.

Free card games of Spider Solitaire too feature three different variations as per the level of difficulty that’s determined by the presence of more than one suit.

Call Break

Call Break free card games are best played amongst 4 players with a standard 52 card deck. All 4 players are allotted 13 cards each and each one of them has to collect the maximum number of books to win the game. However, these free card games have a catch that makes things exciting!

Even before you begin playing, you must estimate the number of wins you can potentially collect based on the strength of your cards dealt to you. If you quoted say, 5 wins, then, you must win at least 5 hands or you shall lose. In some variations, the number of points simply go negative if you score less than the claimed hands or tricks. 


Hearts was also made popular by Microsoft as it was one of the featured games in their OS back in the 1990s. Free card games of Hearts could be addictive due to its thrilling gameplay even for this generation. That’s because unlike other free card games, the concept of Hearts is opposite. You need to score zero points to win the game. The player with the maximum score loses in Hearts!

This game is best enjoyed between 4-6 players.  The gameplay of free card games of Hearts involve making tricks of same suited cards and the highest ranking card of the leading suit wins the  trick and begins the next round. All hearts and the Queen of Spades carry penalty points, the latter carrying maximum no. of points. You must avoid taking any cards of the Hearts suit to avoid penalty points. Hearts free card games have more twists in play, play this game and you won’t regret your move.

Indian Rummy

Last, but never the least, the list of free card games in India remains deficient without mentioning India’s most adored card game, Indian Rummy. If you have never played this one, it’s time you indulge! The game rules are simple and on fleek and the winning opportunities in online gaming platforms are enormous.

Take a little learner’s time by playing free card games of Indian Rummy online. Once you grasp the rules and manage to formulate winning strategies, join the club of professionals and play as many tournaments across stakes that suit your bankroll and claim real cash and other rewards. A matching game of three or more cards in sets and sequences, Indian Rummy games are fast paced, hence, earning money isn’t a hefty deal. 


No matter which game you choose to play for real money, make sure you perfect those poker skills through practice games first. Only when you are convinced with your winning strategies in the game, make the bold move without fear and remove occasional stagnancy in your life into moments of high returns.

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