Texas Hold’em Poker

What’s a Flush, a Full House, a Heads-Up, No-Limit, a Small or Big Blind? Are all of these terms new to you? Have you always dreamed of being a professional poker player who is playing for real money in India? We are here to tell you to go for some fun as you are all set to play the best free online games of Texas Hold’em in India and become a pro in no time! 

Want to know how to play poker at home? Here it is. First, you need to gather the best of your mates who are thrilled about learning how to play poker in the coolest ambience! Second, get a bunch of snacks together and a table, a deck of cards and you’re all set to host your very first Texas Hold’em Poker tournament in your home! It’s such an awesome way to mix with socially active people, to put them at a poker table together and make them your best chum for life!

By making it a poker tournament, you’re teaching those new to poker games how to play poker professionally in a competitive scenario in case they have any interest in partaking in any online or live tournaments in times to come. Here’s how to actually make your game worthwhile when you are learning how to play poker at home.

What’s your team like?

You would like to have a group of 5 to 10 players. Choose 10-12 friends to invite and let them know the details of the poker game. Make sure to educate them on the following:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Venue
  • Buy-in
  • What it gets you
  • If its a winner take all
  • Or tiered winnings

The Winner takes it all means that whoever is the last man standing, gets everyone’s money in the poker tournament. Tiered winnings mean that the last 3 people standing get some amount of money as per their position in the game.

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No fun without Drinks and Munchies!

All work and no fun? Doesn’t sound like the best of poker games, does it? Cocktail or Mocktail, your choice! It’s cheaper, easier, and has zero fuss. For snacks, think simple and make something that’s not too messy to begin with. You’re looking for snacks that people can get up, grab quickly, take back to the table and enjoy without having to juggle with their cards.

Using Poker Chips

If you can’t invest in a new stack of poker chips, go for the ones you already own like in that of a board game. Since you’re not playing for real money, you’ll be saved for the tension about actually investing in. Also, consider using two decks per table in any poker game. While one is in use, someone can shuffle the second deck (to be used for the next hand) to keep the game moving faster.

Lastly, even if you play live real money poker, you don’t want people to leave feeling like they had a bad time. Therefore, we recommend keeping the buy-in relatively low; the same amount of money you might spend going out to dinner and a movie. 

Doing so will greatly reduce the possibility of anyone taking the game too seriously when they are simply learning how to play poker, that would cut into everyone’s ability to have a good time.

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