This is the new era of online poker. The competition is staggering and the zeal to thrive and make a solid footing in this booming industry is extreme among emerging poker players. Amidst all the fuss and chaos, it is easy to get swayed and lost in the crowd when the odds and expectations to succeed are higher than ever.

A pocketful of tips and tricks to play online poker tournaments might help you today to inch closer to the rank of professionals while avoiding the urge to make rookie mistakes no matter the niggling shove! So, without ado, let’s cut through the noise and get down to business.

Start Really Small

As shy as this may sound, this is the way to begin your journey. To thrive in online poker tournaments demand downright patience and persistence in the long run. So, you have to aim for the right start and observe your game closely as you begin to learn the nuances of the game online. 

Starting small with micro stakes in online poker tournaments allows you to avoid the pressure of loss and pay more heed to learn and refine your game and form long term poker strategies

Know Your Position

When you are learning how to win in poker tournaments, you must be aware of your position and know how to play them to your strengths. The small poker blind is the most costliest position to be as you are clueless about your opponent’s holdings with the additional pressure of making the first move. Conversely, being in a late position such as the Button can be very accommodating. You not just get to be the last one to act but also the fact that everyone else has acted before you gives you enough information on their holdings giving you the edge to mend your strategies accordingly.

Opt For Single Table

Multi-tabling has its charm and perks, especially when played online. However, as a beginner, your goal should be to acquire consistent wins in poker tournaments on a single poker table. Once you gain understanding the technical aspects of the game and feel confident about tackling players on a single table, you can consider multi-tabling in poker tournaments eventually.

Apply HUD Without Fail

This is one of the cardinal practices of acing online poker tournaments. You must use a Heads-up Display (HUD) to identify the tendencies and betting patterns of your opponent’s so that you can profile them accordingly and target your moves against each one of them specifically. It’s not easy to keep track of your opponents at all times, so in case you skip some in your mind, HUD is the ideal reminder for you.

You should also explore free software to calculate your winning prospects in every poker hand and better your poker tournament experience. Some software allow you to replay your tournament history. Other poker software offers crucial tips on board texture, bet sizing, and hand reading. You will also find free equity calculators that can evaluate hand vs hand, range vs range and hand vs range scenarios.  Use these tools to make better and informed decisions at the table.

Pick The Right Game

We couldn’t press enough but the kind of online poker tournament you pick can have a huge impact on your results. For instance, when you log in on the PokerBaazi app, you’ll find plenty of formats in tournaments that could be overwhelming for you as a beginner. Click here to check the list on running poker tournaments details

The first rule is to pick the one that suits your current experience and especially your bankroll with enough to handle occasional bad beats and swings. For example, PokerBaazi’s PBBS, IMPS and depositor’s freerolls are fitting events for entry level players offering lesser risk and bigger returns. 

So, choose carefully, because the variance in online poker tournaments can go to solid length without making cash for a good amount of time even if you play a solid game. Therefore, you must have sufficient money to buy your way in in case you run out of chips.

Use Your Breaks Mindfully

Poker sessions can be long and stressful which is why you need to take timely beats even during the game. Doing so will help you reset your mind by allowing it to rest for a while. Since you are learning how to win online poker tournaments, you must know that tournaments of any nature typically allow 5 minutes break at regular intervals. Use these breathers wisely; get some fresh air, enjoy some quiet or drink some juice. Anything to get you back in your A-game.

Learn To Bluff

When you’re learning how to win in online poker tournaments, knowing to bluff and timing it right is one of the key weapons that could take down your opponents. You don’t get to decide the cards you’re dealt, but you can certainly influence what your opponents think you have. So, when you get a poor hand, you need to make them believe otherwise with your actions, while playing it cool when you have a strong hand in order to fatten the pot.

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You can’t learn this art in a day or two even if you’re a natural because when you play poker, you need to be strategic and time your bluffs right and never overdo them. So, take your time to learn and practice the technique and you’re definitely going to be rewarded in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

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