Being deep stacked means that both you and your rival have more than 100 BBs or even 150 BBs in your stacks. Deep stack poker is not about creating opportunities but waiting for opportunities to fall into your arms. There is always more integral risk involved purely due to how much money is in play in deep stacked tournaments.

These games can be incredibly grueling and quite boring unless you are prepared for what’s in store. The dynamics of deep stack games revolves around maneuverability, playing trickier post-flop plays and getting involved in more pots.

Be Aggressive

You need to be very aggressive and precautious at the same time when you have nothing but putting efforts to make a play. You don’t have to continue firing away on the turn and river just because you felt you could steal away the pot on the flop. Consider using your aggression to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness. Try bluffing before or on the flop.

Know Your Opponent

The type of opponent you are playing with is always a key factor, especially in the deep stacked poker tournament. You might not want to fall into the trap of paying off the guy who only plays monster cards. Remember to make notes on the number of hands played and focus on the strength of hands with which your opponents will call big bets.

Position is Important

Position is one of the most important factors in cash poker games and it becomes extremely important when playing with deep stacks. You are left guessing when you are out of position, which can be dreadful with deep stacks. Playing in position will give you a prospect of the final say whether you want to raise, check, bet or call.

Know the Techniques

When playing deepstack tournaments, you need to be aware whether your rival can make an important three-bet or if he flats if raising with a draw. Keep a track on what bets you can make on future streets, the active players stack sizes and the pot size. 

Your opponent will also be thinking about protection, pot control and variance, which makes it easier for you to bluff check or raise since your opponent won’t play for a big pot with marginal hands.


Players incredibly underestimate this quality, but it is something really vital in deep stack tournaments. You will need a lot of stamina as these tournaments take a lot longer to complete than any other games. Keep yourself fuelled with nutritious food and energy drinks.

Deep stack poker games are fun and essential for developing good poker skills. If you think you lack the patience needed to sit and remain focused in these games, you are probably better suited for regular stack sizes.

Zero in on Beginners

While most poker players in deep stack poker games would be deepstacked indeed, there will be some who might be running short. These are the newbies who don’t really know how to maneuver and fall short on chips. It is easier to get rid of them sooner and swell your stack instead. 

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Build Your Pot Size

While this isn’t something you haven’t done before, you need to build the pot only when the game favours your odds. This will mean you playing from position, or you have a hand that can flop a strong draw or hit the flop big. Not to mention, you have a sufficient number of chips to play post flop.

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