National Poker Series India is here! Yes, you heard it right.

Brace yourself for another exhilarating Grand Slam series of poker tournaments on PokerBaazi; where poker meets glory, fun and entertainment. NPS India 2024 is a three-of-a-kind experience that you shall never forget.  

Imagine the thrill of winning on India’s biggest tournament series. Now, amplify that euphoria and amusement by a factor of 100, and you’re still not close to envisioning the electric atmosphere at the poker tables. 

With three successful editions, 305k entries and 750+ medals awarded nationwide, PokerBaazi is set to host yet another triumphant series. From Rajasthan to Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh to Jammu & Kashmir and Kerala to every corner of India, NPS India is here to spread glory and fame once again amongst poker fans rooted across the nation.

A Sneak Peak on NPS India 2024

India wants something more. Fret not because the National Poker Series India gets bigger than ever. With a sky-high prize pool of 50 Cr+ and a total of 453 medals to celebrate the efforts of the budding poker champs, NPS India 2024 is India’s biggest tournament series ever, all set to be every poker player’s dream event. 

But before we reveal more about what’s up for grabs this season, it is worth reliving the enigmatic history of the National Poker Series India. Why not trace its journey back in time and unravel the glory and triumphs of the poker champs together. 

That’s not all; we’re here to spill some beans on the upcoming fourth edition; promising even more excitement, greater number of medals and a never seen before prize pool!

Curious about what awaits you at the tables? Stay tuned; in the meantime, let nostalgia take you over.  

Journey of National Poker Series in India

NPS 2021

Since its inception, the National Poker Series India has been a true celebration of skill in the world of poker, where India not only competes but also rises to be a formidable force, inspiring players and setting the stage for global poker triumph. 

2021 is touted to be Indian Poker’s Royal Debut, wherein the inaugural year of NPS India marked an indelible history, awarding a whopping 192 medals to 164 players from 18 different states across the Indian nation. 

This epic tournament series didn’t just create winners, it etched the names of these 164 poker players into the history books of Indian poker, transforming them into celebrated sports icons nationwide. 

Mohammad Azhar Tak, the NPS India 2021 Podium Gold Medallist was awarded the Player of the Series. Hailing from the historic state of Rajasthan, he set the bar high by clinching the grand tournament title with massive winnings of INR 72,35,405. 

NPS 2022

The sequel to the National Poker Series India outshone its predecessor, turning the poker world into a spectacle of glory. 193 skilled poker players representing 18 states, notched up to clinch a staggering 252 medals, ringing out with their triumph across all corners of India.  

With 193 individuals stealing the spotlight in a show of success with their dazzling medals, one can only imagine the magnitude of this poker. This edition wasn’t just a tournament; it was a seismic event, ensuring Poker’s fandom is second to none. Without a doubt, NPS India 2022 marked Poker’s standing as the unrivalled star with a fanbase poised for exponential growth. 

NPS 2023

The third edition of the National Poker Series India unfolded like a blockbuster, setting the poker theatre ablaze with excitement. NPS India 2023 was a sensation in the Poker town and made headlines from start to finish, followed by a spectacular celebration.   

NPS India 2023 broke records with a colossal prize pool of 25CR+, the biggest prize pool ever in the history of Indian poker. Picture this: 231 individuals flashing 319 medals under the spotlight of the Night of Glory, showered with media attention and treated like celebrities and more.

To add to the thrill of the Night of Glory, comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi and musician Ritwiz set the stage ablaze with their lively humour and musical spells, setting a glamourous tone for the rest of the evening.

But here’s the plot twist- 2023 wasn’t just about entertainment and awards. PokerBaazi, India’s largest poker platform not only hosted the event but also gave its poker stars the respect they truly deserved. They sent their top players to the global WSOP tournament in Vegas on an all- expenses paid trip.

And now, as we inch closer to 2024, PokerBaazi is all set for the largest, grandest and most celebrated poker series India has ever witnessed – National Poker Series India 2024. Gear up for India’s biggest tournament series ever! 

NPS 2024

National Poker Series India 2024 is here! 

If you thought last year was the epitome of poker celebration, you are in for a jaw dropping surprise in this brand new edition.

With a gigantic prize pool of 50cr+, 150 tournaments and 453 medals up for grabs, this one is no ordinary tournament: it’s a marvellous saga of glory. NPS India 2024 kicks off on March 3rd and has set the stage for its grand finale on March 24th

Feeling the burn? No sweat. You can pick tournaments of your choice as per your convenience and catch an official break on 16th March to recharge your curious minds for the final sprint.

Being lighter on the pockets than ever, NPS India 2024 has you covered with satellite tournaments running live from Feb 26th to March 2nd. You can join them and win your ticket to glory for fractions of the original buy-ins.

Don’t mind the buzz, but the National Poker Series India 2024 is here to reward glory to all in the Night of Glory. NPS India is a legacy in the making to legitimize poker as a sport and its players as true sports icons, marking their excellence with glorious NPS medals. 

So, why wait? Download the PokerBaazi app , log in and grab your seat today to experience the magic of NPS India 2024 first hand! 

Ab India Khelega Glory Ke Liye.