Whist Card Game Online

Fanatics of card games keep sneaking out for newer variations and options to hone their card skills and bluffing tactics. Whist Game online mainly belongs to the 18th or 19th Century, it’s been a traditional trick taking card game played in many countries.

After the surging craze card games, the classic Whist card game online received noticeable recognition. The rules may be simple enough but strategic play is what makes you a winner in this game.

The Whist card game refers to the classic game designed for 2-4 players and is played in teams of two. Its most classic form is played amongst 4 players, but even 2-players can play Whist online with friends. The game requires a standard 52-Card Deck, but Jokers are removed from it.

  • Card Rankings (High to Low)- A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2.
  • Play Time- approximately 30 Minutes
  • Nature of the game- Trick Taking
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Whist Card Game Rules

If you wish to try out the Whist Game online, knowing the basic Whist Card Game rules can enable you to defeat the opponents and score higher.

  • To play Whist game online with friends, you need 4 players who settle in partnerships of 2 across each other.
  • Players can draw or cut the cards for a selection of partners and they are automatically teamed up as per the app as per the positions.
  • Next, the Whist Card Game rules say that the player cut the deal. Cards are then dealt for further play.
  • All players are dealt thirteen cards each. Post that, the dealer flips one card face up. The suit of this card shall be the trump suit for this hand in play.
  • Remember it's a trick-gaming game, and you need to polish your mental skills to win it.

Game Objective

The goal of the game is to collect the maximum number of tricks compared to your opponents.

How to Play Whist Game Online?

Once you know the Whist Game meaning, it’s time to brush up a little bit of game strategy while understanding the gameplay.

  • The player at the dealer's left proceeds with the first trick by shedding any top card.
  • Next, the player has to play a trick followed by the suit of a card with the suit led, if any.
  • If the player lacks a card from the suit in play, he may play a trump card to win the trick
  • The Whist Game online is won by the player having the highest card with the suit led until they play a trump.
  • Ruff and Honours involve the use of trump cards. While to Ruff means to simply play a trump card, Honours are the extra points you get when you play the top four trump cards in some variations of the Whist game.
  • If more than one plays a trump card, the player who played the highest Trump wins the trick in the Whist Game online as per the game rules.
  • The player who wins the last trick leads the next round with a lead suit of his choice.
  • The game continues till you play all 13 tricks, and scores are recorded of all players.
  • The team with the highest score wins the Whist card game.

What's the Whist Game strategy and poker math to win the game? After every trick is played, the cards are kept face-down in a pile of fours near the one who wins it. While you play Whist online with friends, prepare your mind with the winning stack of cards and the probability of the next top tricks. It's a hook that can fuel up the chances of acing the game!


Once you play all tricks in the Whist Game online, the team who wins more tricks wins the game. Every trick receives 1 point, and if any team reaches the score of 5 first, the game gets over then and there.

Whist Game Strategy

No card game is won unless you apply the right strategies and turn the tables in your favor. This is a partnership game, and you need a smart partner who has a thorough hang of the Whist rules. So let's dive over to the Whist Game strategy that can help you to win the game.

  • For starting up with Whist Game online, it is good to go for the strongest suit. However, Singleton could also be a great option by aiming for Trump in the suit.
  • Feel free to lose a few tricks to show that you have weak cards in your hand.
  • 2nd Hand- It is played with a single honour. Players can split honours as per Whist Card Game rules to cover the J or 10 and use Q as cover when holding Ace.
  • Discards typically include the unwanted suits or the low cards.
  • When opponents in a Whist Game online draw a trump, you must ideally shed the lowest trump card that is higher than your opponent's. Save the bigger ones for last.

Important Terms in the Whist Game

If you plan to play Whist online with friends, getting a grasp of the game terminology is crucial. Here are the terms you should know about:

  • Deal- It's the card given to each player until the full distribution completes.
  • Dealer- The one who dealt cards for the hands.
  • Dummy- Whist Game meaning for Dummy depends on its variations. In a few of them, the hand is kept face up by any player to the opposite side, which gives a third player on the table known as Dummy.
  • Finesse- The player puts off the lower honour despite having the higher one hoping that intermediate honour is with the player who has played the trick. It is called Finesse.
  • Grand Slam- It is one team winning all thirteen tricks together.
  • Honours- Honours are the extra points assigned to any team if dealt with the ace, king, queen or jack of any trump suit. They are in turn, represented by the top four trump cards in the Whist game.
  • Lead- The Whist Card Game rules suggest that lead is the top card of any trick.
  • Rubber- The best of all three games is calculated.
  • Small Slam- Winning of any team with twelve tricks.
  • Tennace- The suit having the highest and the third-highest of any suit.
  • Trick- It's the four cards that players have played one each.
  • Trump- The Whist Game meaning for Trump is the suit selected as the last dealt card that could beat other suits despite the rankings. With two cards in the picture, the higher of it wins the trick.

Popular Variations of the Whist Game

  • Bid Whist
  • Blob
  • Boston
  • Call-ace
  • Colour Whist
  • Catch the Ten
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Whist Card Game Online FAQs

After you know Whist Game meaning, start playing this free trick based game online live against opponents in multiplayer mode. PokerBaazi also hosts a wide range of classic poker card games to enjoy more!

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Yes, you can play Whist online with friends on any credible gaming platform. It is a trick-taking card game played in teams of two and the team with the most number of points in the game wins.

Players can enjoy the card game of Whist in teams of two. A minimum of 4 players are required to play this trick taking game.

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