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Games to Play at Home: Ultimate Indoor Games List

Since antiquity perhaps, we have been inclined to explore and enjoy countless games to play at home with friends and family. Today, even though the internet has blessed us with limitless games to play with family at home online, the primal human connection that is forged between folks exploring an indoor games list is unparalleled till date.

This authenticity of human bonding inspires us today to talk about an exclusive bunch of games to play at home with friends and family that you will love indulging in the comfort of your home or possibly any place you guys are together .

Who Am I?

If you are looking for games to play with family at home, this one tops the indoor games list. A quick and easy to learn game, the goal of ‘Who Am I’ is to find out who you are. Each player in these fun games to play with friends gets 20 questions to know about you.

You can use questions about famous personalities, celebrities, cartoon and anime characters or sports stars or even characters from the Marvel Universe, possibly anything you are a fan of and make your friends guess harder than ever!

Indian Rummy

Unquestionably, card games are typically one of the top picks among fun games to play at home with friends. 13 card rummy game is perhaps the most popular card game in India that’s simple, quick and easy to catch. Best played amongst 4 players, each participant gets 13 cards and must use them wisely to make valid poker combinations of sets and sequences.

The first player to do this wins the poker game and scores zero points. It is one of the perfect games to play with family at home and can also be a great choice as party games for families.


Talking about card games, Poker is the new buzz in town. This one is a great pick if you wish to develop and impart some smart-ass skills such as emotional intelligence, analytical thinking and logical decision making using basic poker maths into your kids.

A game of poker requires you to form the best five card hand with the cards in your hand and those placed in the table in line with the standard poker hand rankings . If you take the pleasure of learning poker and encourage it as one of the regular games to play with family at home, the level of intellectual growth is limitless and hence, this one finds a higher place in the indoor games list.

Two Truths and a Lie

This one is not just one of the best games to play at home with friends but works awesome as an icebreaker. All players need to gather in a circle and take turns to tell two truths and a lie one by one. The rest of the players must guess which statement is a lie. After everyone gives their vote, you reveal which statement is a lie.

You can notch up the fun by asking players to reveal something personal about them. If you haven’t tried this one yet, we highly recommend you to add this one to your indoor games list and party games for families.


Pictionary is one of the sickest games to play at home with friends. All you need is a white board and a marker. Pictionary is played in teams of two and one player of each team is given a word which he or she must draw on the white board and his/her teammates must figure out what it is.

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From the indoor games list, this one is of the most satisfying choice for party games for families and games to play at home with friends. The more you play, the harder the words get and you can spend hours guessing!


If crazy is your middle name, try Mafia from the indoor games list. It’s another one of the perfect games to play at home with friends, in which you can not just trust anyone because you must try and figure out who are the members of the mafia without knowing before they kill you!

Roles such as the Murderer, the detective, the doctor and civilians are assigned to all participants in secret or if you are playing with cards, the roles are assigned according to the cards you receive. Believe it or not, Mafia has been one of the top rated party games for families and games to play at home with friends and works even better with a large group of folks.

How's Yours?

This one is perhaps one of the trickiest games to play with family at home. All you need to do is to select one person to be the “It” and send the person away for a bit. The remaining folks must then select a common feature or trait that they carry in common, it could be anything. Hair colour, the phone you carry, some shared secret, any possession, anything!

When the person returns, he or she shall ask one of you, “How’s yours?” The other person then must reply with one adjective or characteristic to describe the trait. Keep repeating until he or she gets it right.Super fun, How's Yours is quirky and one of the best games to play at home with friends.


You might have heard of this one or maybe, watched it in the movies, BullShit is the American name for one of the most popular card games commonly known as Bluff. One of the best party games for families, this one makes it to the indoor games list simply because its pure fun! Bullshit is a game of deceit where you lie your way to winning. These fun games to play at home with friends require players to discard all the cards that have been dealt to them in equal numbers to discard into the throw pile first before anyone else does.

In these party games for families, one person leads each round with a card of a certain rank. The others must follow the same rank and throw cards of that value if they have. They are also free to throw other cards provided they can lie their way through till the end without getting caught and accused of bullshitting or bluffing! If you love this indoor games list, we will leave with one of the stellar options mentioned above to dabble with today.

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Indoor Games - Common FAQs

You can get really creative with games to play at home with family and friends. Our top picks in the indoor games list includes Poker, Indian Rummy , Who Am I, Two Truths and a Lie, Murder Mystery and Pictionary.

The indoor games list is frankly exhaustive if you are willing to get creative. Feel free to enjoy games to play at home with family from the likes of Pictionary, Twenty Questions, Texas Hold’em Poker , Monopoly, Jenga, Simon Says, Candy Land and many more.

Lockdown or not, you can still enjoy party games for families and games to play at home with friends any time without much fuss. Online poker is one of the top most enjoyed games to play with family at home and friends. Learn the rules right and play a few demo games and you can play online poker on PokerBaazi, pick your stakes and win real money!