Spades Card Game Online

About Spades Card Game

Spades online is a good option for players who like challenging games with some tricks to follow. It gained popularity in the 1990s and belongs to the United States mainly. Spades card game online involves four players who take up bridge partnerships, and each one is dealt with 13 cards from the standard 52- cards deck. Spades remain the trump suit in this game. The Thumb rule to remember is the Spade suit always trumps. So, let's learn to play spades online free and re-energize yourself for connecting online with your friends and family during the pandemic blues!

When you play Spades online for free, each of the team agrees on winning the minimum number of tricks. Before that, all the players can openly discuss the number of tricks they could win amongst them. The ultimate goal of playing card games online like Spades is to win the tricks, but they cannot reveal the specific suit patterns or cards during the discussion. After a final bid, the dealer holds it and commences the game as per it.

As per the basic spades game rules, the player who cannot win even a single trick can declare themselves as Nil. And the counter partner needs to open up about and propose the wins. The contract is lost if the nil bidder wins any of the tricks after that. There is no permission for both partners to bid Nil together, and at least one of them needs to declare a positive bid.

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General Spades Card Game Format

Number of Players: The play free online spades card games is also known as the “Partnership spades”, where usually four players get on the table.

The Deck: A standard 52-cards deck is usually required, but you can also play this game with one or two jokers in it or along with the removal of pre-determined cards. For six or more players, a second deck is often utilized.

Rank of Suit: In this tash game, Spades are the trump in this game. The remaining suits do not have a specific intrinsic value in the play, but the card of suit as a part of a recent trick can beat any card apart from the spade. And in case a tie-breaker is required in the draw for the deal, the regular suit order ranks from low to high.

The rank of Cards- Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Goal: The objective to play spades card game online is to score 500 points, and to confirm this, you need to win the minimum number of trick bids on every hand. If any of the players achieve the dedicated bids, they will lose the game.

Counter Bids: When the first team places a bid, they get the option to counter-bid their opponent.

How to Play Spades Game Online

Winning any card game is possible only when you imply the right skills and take prompt action to win the hand. Players need to follow the spades game rules to explore maximum winning chances in the game. Once you have enough free trials to play, a real money game can be a great option to get some earnings. Online cash games of Spades are awesome options to convert your skills into real money.

After deciding on the team, the partner sits in a team to play free online spades card games. The dealer would shuffle the cards and dealt each player 13 cards. It is perhaps a typical set up for the game whether you play it online or offline.

Bidding- In the spades game online, the player at the left of the dealers places the first bid. Every player takes a glimpse at their bids and cards to assure the number of tricks. Perhaps, the bids of both partners sum up as the target for the opponent partnership to win. The team scoring maximum points wins the tash game.

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The basic spades card game rules says that the number 0 to 13 is the legal bid each player can make. The player cannot give a pass, and neither can they increase the bid. There is just a single bidding round in which players have to fix their tricks!

Bidding Nil- Any player making a Nil (Zero) bid claims that they will not win any tricks at hand. If this works, they can easily make a whopping 100-point bonus. On the contrary, if there’s one or more tricks, the partnership needs to face a 100-point penalty. When the player bids Nil and the partner bids for a number, the other player needs to win that many tricks when they play the card game. However, the number of bonuses and penalties can vary as per the game.

Double Nil- Even before taking a glance at the cards, players could probably make Double Nil or the Blind Nil. It is a crucial aspect to learn if you wish to play spades card game online. Once they bid for a double nil, the player can look at the card and exchange 3 cards with the partner. If they succeed, a 200-point bonus is available, and the 200-point penalty is applicable in case of failure.

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Legally, partners, when they play free online spades card games can exchange cards and win a partnership with up to a 400-point bonus. If they fail, it is vital to pay back the 400-point penalty as well. When one partner succeeds and the next fails, the bonus penalty wipes out from the game making the net effect 0.

Spades Card Game Rules

Essential rules to play free online spades card games are:

  • The player at the left of the dealer ‘leads’ the round. Though he cannot lead the spaces unless having spades in them. The spades cannot be led unless there is no option left with the player or the suit gets ‘broken’.
  • Clockwise play continues, and every player needs to follow suit led earlier as long as possible. It is a vital spades card game rule to keep in mind.
  • In most cases, the player at the highest rank wins the trick as per the suit led. When more than one players put up spades, the trick goes to the player with the highest rank of spade on the table.
  • After winning the trick, every player sets the trick in front so that it’s pretty visible as to how many tricks does the player own.

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Breaking Spades

In this tash game, Spades breakup when the player cannot follow suit and opts for playing a spade. When the player is unable to follow suit, playing spade is a good option but is not compulsory. Spades can also break up if there are no other options or leads with the spades.


Every trick in the bid accounts for 10 points but only if it matches the bid. After that, every trick usually counts as 1 point each. When a partnership is not meeting a bid, it could score around 10 negative points for every trick in the bid.


When you play free online Spades card games online, the next tip to win the spades online is sandbagging. Avoid fetching too many tricks over and above the bid. Even that could lead to penalties. Instead, you can stay at the edge to create pressure over the opponents and turn the table in your favour.

Winning streak

When playing online cash games of Spades online, your goal is to hit the 500 points target to reach the winning line. And, if both sides cross the 500 score mark in the same hand, the ones with the highest score becomes the winner. If it’s a tie, players need to try another hand.

Spades Card Game Strategy

Are you planning to win cash with real money games of spades card games? If yes, then following the right tactics and tips can charge up the game in your favour. Strategic play amps up the responsible gaming style that helps you to stay balanced while making stakes. Remember that playing card games are for fun, and getting carried away or making it an addiction is not acceptable.

So, here are the strategies to play spades card game online the right away.

  • Try to do early tricks with the card that you intend to. When anyone trumps your king of diamonds, opt for another trick.
  • In the absence of Ace of Spades, enforce the use of Queen/King to make opponent release their aces. You can play spades card game online by flooding with 2’s or 3’s for forcing out higher.
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  • Even the higher spade play at 5,6, or 7 can also help you take the bag. Your objective must be to let all players lose their spades.
  • When all tricks apart from Aces of Spade are at your hand, dump them all to win the maximum hands without any damage.
  • When you play online cash games of the tash game, betting blind, at last, usually can be a good throw as you already have a fair sight on the exact status of the opponents’ cards.
  • Hold on the Ace till the end to come with the winning track at the end of the game.

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Spades Card Game FAQs

Spades card game rules state that the spade is the trump suit. It can outrank any other hand or cards to win the tricks. The game played a partnership between the four players who set a contract while the dealer shuffles and dealt the cards.

Spades online card game is a trick-taking game that carries on between two partnerships. However, few websites also offer 2 players game where the number of cards dealt is higher. Apart from spades, you can also check out PokerBaazi for more skill-based stake games where you can learn poker for free and even make money out of it.

The actual four-player format of the spades card game online requires the dealer to dealt 13 cards for each player. However, if there more players, the deck can also be increased for meeting up the requirements.

The ideal way to win this game is to take early tricks as per the bid set by you. When the opponent trumps up the king of diamonds, win the next trick. Play smart by using King and Queens to win tricks when you do not have an ace at your side.