Call Bridge Game Online

Card games like Call Bridge have become extremely popular these days due to their multiple variations and uniqueness in gameplay. Call Bridge is a trick taking game wherein four players are allocated to each table and assigned dual partnerships.

This means each one of them will be assigned a partner opposite to them when you play Bridge game online. Together, you both will be competing against the other partner groups to win the game.

Game Objective

Even though from afar, playing bridge games online might seem easy. In reality, the game is challenging and follows a trick taking game pattern. So, when you play a bridge card game, a player first places a card of a particular suit, and all other players involved will throw a card belonging to the same suit if possible.

The player who throws the highest cards typically wins the trick. In the end, the player who wins the maximum number of tricks wins the game.

Besides, the Bridge game online is divided into two major parts of trick betting and actual gameplay. Here, you need to have a strong command over the game rules and their crucial strategies. But, let's first begin with the gameplay.

How to Just Play Call Bridge Game Online?

The Call Bridge card game is played with four people using the standard 52-card deck. The player opposite to each other will form a partnership, in a north-south and east-west manner. The Bridge game online is also known as Call Bridge game, as it is mostly about betting.

This trick taking game consists of 13 tricks, out of which the team with the highest number of tricks will win the game. When you just play call bridge online, the partners have to bid a trick value that they might be able to achieve.

As per Call Bridge card game rules, the lowest bid starts one more than half the total trick. Here, the average would be of 6 tricks, and the bid must not be less than 6 plus 1 or 7. This is also called one heart, and with every round, the bid increases. The last bid of the call bridge game is finalised after three consecutive passes by the teams.

Once 13 cards are dealt to each player, you can also specify the trump while quoting the number of bids when you play bridge online. The dealer can also choose to play the game without any trump suit.

The person who wins the final bid or contract becomes the declarer, and the player next to him will lead the first trick. Once the lead card is declared, the partner of the declarer will open up its card and show it to all players.

As per the Bridge game rules, this will now act as a dummy hand in the Call bridge game. The moves of the dummy hand will now be made by the partner when you just play bridge online. Here, the game takes off, and each round continues; the player who brings the highest-ranking hand on the table or the trump suit wins the Call bridge card game.

Call Bridge Game Rules

  • The highest bid in a Call bridge is 7, and the lowest is 1. Also, the suit that you choose plays a very important role in the ranking of the tricks. A trump or No trump suit will always be greater than spade.
  • Most players use the doubling and redoubling method in the call bridge game. Here, the player can double or redouble the last preceding bid. This is mostly done to encourage the next player to bid a higher rank.
  • As per the bridge game rules, when the dealer wins odd tricks apart from the regular one, it is called over tricks. This is also counted while scoring a player in the game.
  • The partnership that wins the first game becomes “vulnerable”. According to the bridge card game rule, this side will receive a high bonus but also higher penalties if they failed to offer what they promised.
  • The player who holds the ace, king, queen, and jack of the trump suit is awarded with “honours”. Here, the person will get a bonus of 100-150 on the number of cards it holds.
  • As per the Bridge game rules, the bid made at the sixth level is called a “small slam”. And, the one made of the 7th level is referred to as a “grand slam”.

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Call Bridge card game Vs Poker card game: What are the key differences

If you like to play poker online, you will know how different the game is from bridge game online. The poker game works on hands while a bridge game on tricks.

In Poker, you have to arrange five cards that collaborate to become the card rankings. In contrast, when you play bridge games online, the higher-ranking cards are again added back to the hand. So, the player with more points wins the game.

However, both poker game and call bridge are skill-inclusive matches. You will require consistent practice to be able to defeat your poker opponents in such a game. When you just play bridge games online, you would realise even the slightest move can make or break the entire game.

The Call bridge game online requires four players but is played between two teams. However, the free poker game can easily accommodate two to seven players, and all play individually.

Call Bridge Game FAQs

Yes, you can win some extra cash by mastering the bridge game. Various online card gaming platforms offer call bridge game online tournaments, encouraging more users to sign and win real money. These games are both free and paid, so you can start with the free one and then excel to the cash version.

You play the Bridge Call Break game in partnerships of two. It is a trick taking card game that requires players to collect the highest number of tricks in order to win the game. You need to estimate the number of tricks you can collect based on the cards you are dealt and then collect the minimum number of tricks called to win the game.

No, Call Bridge is not a gambling game. It is a pure skill-based real money game that you get through consistent practice. You can openly play this game online without any legal complication on BMG, India’s most trusted gaming platform" and play real money games of cards.

There are various card game sites where you can just play bridge online free games. Download the BMG app to play Call Break cash games and earn money online without burning your pockets!

There are many variations of the Call Bridge game. However, the most popular ones are Duplicate Bridge and Rubber Bridge. The first one is typically played in tournaments where all players are dealt the exact same hand while Rubber Bridge is played with a specific scoring system. It is best played with real money as the payout system follows a per point scale.

Classic bridge is the best free Bridge game to get started as a beginner. It follows the simplest rules that players can easily grasp and a couple of demo games is enough to get your game mode on.