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Call Of Duty

How to Master Call Of Duty Mobile Game Online?

Call of Duty mobile has emerged to be one of the most popular shooting games in the recent past. The Call of Duty mobile is developed by Timi Studios and published by Activison for android and ios. It was released for the mobile phone platform on 1st Oct, 2019 and was an instant hit among the gamers throughout the whole world. Everything about Call of Duty mobile game online is top notch be it the graphics, gameplay, map settings etc.
Free Poker TournamentsThe first installment of Call of Duty for PC franchise was released in October 2003 and could be played on Microsoft Windows.
The game is set in the backdrop of the Second World War which gives the players a chance to understand the war fought by the soldiers. This is a first person action pack shooting game where players experience high intensity competition while shooting down their enemies. The Call of Duty game requires players to fight battles against their human opponents and shoot them down in the multiplayer mode.

A Brief History of Call of Duty Legacy

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2007) was a breakthrough in the series as it introduced a brand new modern field. In fact, its superior level of success inspired the launch of a remastered version that was released in 2016. It returned with a reboot aka Modern Warfare 2019, and the latest buzz is about a sequel of the same, Modern Warfare ii, soon to be released in 2022. There is also the option of playing solo games like PubG mobile games where the enemies are bots controlled by the computer. It is a good way to practice tactical gameplay before entering the multiplayer mode.

It is designed in such a way that the players need to pull up firearms and fire, cover and revive fellow teammates and stay away from explosions as much as possible. The Call of Duty mobile is the mobile version of the very famous game Call of Duty for Pc which was released in the year 2003 and was appreciated by gamers across the world. If you are someone who is new to Call of Duty universe, all the knowledge on how to play will come handy to shoot down your enemies. Let’s lay down all the game tips and tricks for you so that you can go out in the battlefield and win.

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile Game Online

Call of Duty mobile has become one of the top shooting games like faug online game since its release two years back. To play the game, it is important to know the two modes associated with the game. Call of Duty mobile is divided into two important sections - the multiplayer mode and the battle royal mode. Though the graphics and controls remain same in both the modes, the gameplay is very different from one another.

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Multiplayer Mode:

The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty mobile is ideal for beginners as it gives them a chance to practice the game with bots controlled by computer before they face their real enemies. There are different maps and sub modes for the players to select. The top multiplayer modes include frontline, team death match, and search and destroy, gunfight, kill confirmed etc.
The players of Call of Duty mobile have the option of choosing different maps in the multiplayer mode. Some of the maps found in multiplayer mode are Nuketown, Hijacked, Kill house and Firing Range Terminal. In the multiplayer mode, the duration of each match is not more than 10 minutes. They are one on one shooting matches for a short duration. The multiplayer mode in Call of Duty game online is great for improving your aim as well as gameplay.

Battle Royale Mode:

The battle royale mode of Call of Duty mobile is the main attraction of the mobile game like fortnite mobile game. The players have the option of playing either in third person perspective or first person perspective and also choose the map on which they want to play from the two options they have. The players also have the option of going in as a solo, duo or team in the battle royale mode of Call of Duty online.

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In this mode, 100 players are airdropped into the map without any weapons. The players have the option of landing anywhere they like in the whole map. Once they land, the players have to find and pick up guns, vests, medical aid and other items they think is necessary for survival. The players are scattered across the map so you will have to go find your enemies and kill them before they find you. As time progresses, the play area gradually keeps on decreasing forcing those who are still in the game into a tighter area. The last solo player or team standing in the map is the winner of that particular round. This is what makes the battle royale mode so intense and fun.

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It is also important to know about the rewards system of Call of Duty mobile. These rewards are basically in the form of Battle Royale pass, skins for your guns, clothes for your character etc. The rewards in this FPS game as among us can be earned by playing weekly events, opening gift boxes, completing daily missions etc. You can also buy these passes from the Call of Duty mobile store.

Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty online play has large weaponry where you can collect and customize your guns and weapons with different skins and choose load outs for multiplayer cash game. Here are few of the Call of Duty mobile tips and tricks which will help you to play the game better and increase your chances of winning the match.

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Increase your xp to unlock more loadouts

The more you play Call of Duty mobile; you earn more xps which helps you to rank up and also unlock more loadouts. The players can choose up to five different loadouts in the multiplayer mode with primary weapons, secondary weapons, and grenades which means they can choose different loadouts for different maps.

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Choose your weapon wisely

It is very important to know when to use which weapon in the Call of Duty online game. The load out which you carry determines what you enter the game with which usually changes based on the map you are playing. In the close combat maps, it is always preferable to use SMGs while the maps with long range shooting are great for using snipers. The players should know the maps properly in Call of Duty mobile so that they can choose their load outs accordingly.

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You can’t really hide from your enemies

In the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty online mobile, players can’t really hide from their enemies. You can stay out of your enemy’s sight for some time by finding a corner to lurk in but it won’t be for long. So, it’s better to go out there and take the fight to your enemies.

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Use The Slide

The players have the option to slide while running by simply tapping on the down button. This trick works because it is kind of unpredictable and takes the enemies by surprise making it hard for them to take a shot at you.

Use the sprint:

One of Call of Duty rules/features include the use of the sprint button on Call of Duty online mobile, you will be able to move faster. You can slide up the forward button in the controller or tap the sprint button to do this.

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Choose where you drop carefully

This tip is only for the Battle royale mode of Call of duty mobile. It is always advisable to land on a more remote place so that you don’t have too many enemies landing near you. Landing in isolated areas gives you a chance to collect guns, first aid kits and other items properly without thinking about getting shot by the enemies.

Work as a team

It is always advisable to play with your team. Both in Call of Duty mobile and Call of Duty online for Pc, team work makes the dream work. The players should always land with their team, move with their team and fight with their team. You stand a better chance at winning the game if you stick with your team.

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Revive your teammates

This trick is also only for those who are playing the battle royale mode of Call of Duty mobile. There are revival flights which drop you back into the game if a teammate revives you within a minute after you are killed.

Setting up Call of Duty Mobile and Your Phone

The following Call of Duty mobile tips and tricks and Call of duty rules are to keep in mind while setting up the game in your phone:

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  • Call of Duty mobile is around 1.6 GB so if you don’t have the required space, you may consider clearing some space in your phone
  • It is advisable to shut down all background applications in your phone while playing Call of Duty mobile. Switch on gaming mode if your phone has it to reduce notifications during the game.
  • To play Call of Duty online, you will need uninterrupted internet service. As this is a live multiplayer game, there is no offline mode available. Hence, you can’t play it without internet access.
  • Turning the brightness of your phone is advisable because you shoot what you see. The brighter your phone screen, the better it is to play. Make sure to turn off your blue light filter and night mode before playing the game.
  • Use of headphones while playing Call of Duty online mobile is recommended. Using headphones will make you more aware of what’s going on in your surroundings. The enemy’s footsteps will also be clearly audible.

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Call of Duty Mobile Best Settings

  • Always choose the advance mode when it comes to control in game. Though it might require some amount of practice to play in this mode, always choose advance mode.
  • Always customize the controls according to your needs so that you are comfortable while playing. You can change the control elements by dragging them from one place to another.
  • You can change the graphics quality so that the game runs smoothly without any lags. On the first start, your phone will automatically detect the settings but you can change them as you like.
  • Always adjust the sensitivity because different devices respond slightly differently. By adjusting the sensitivity, you can change the settings of how you move as well as how sensitive movements through the gyroscope will be.

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Is playing Poker Better Than Call of Duty?

There is no right answer to the above question because both the games are poles apart and a fair comparison between them is almost next to impossible. Call of Duty mobile or Call of Duty for Pc is an action game where the players are involved in intense gun fight with each other and poker game on the other hand is a game of numbers that’s mentally stimulating which is played with a deck of 52 cards and the players place bets against each other depending on the value of their poker hands.
However, playing Call of Duty mobile for a long time can sometimes take a toll on the player because of the relentless action and gun fights. In such scenarios, it’s always fun to switch to lighter games like real money poker online where you can also win some real money.

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Call Of Duty- FAQs

Q. Can you play Call of Duty on a PC?

Yes. Call of Duty games can be played on PC for free. Call of Duty: Warzone is exclusively made for PC gamers and can be downloaded for free.

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