Best Android Games

Android games have become so popular in recent years that they have already outpaced the popularity of gaming devices. And with the popularity of android games, you must have thought of playing online android games on your phone in your spare time at some point. However, there are so many best android games for free in 2021 on the Play Store that it's easy to get overwhelmed in deciding which one is ideal for you. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here, we've compiled a selection of the best Android phone games online available for you to enjoy any time you want. You can play these online android games alone, with family members, friends or random online rivals, and enjoy to the fullest. So, let's have a look at some of the mobile games that’s totally worth your time.

Best Android Games To Play Free in 2021

Poker Game

Poker is a skill-based card game that is very simple to pick up in a matter of minutes and in that, a player requires strategic planning and calculated decisions. Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variation, which you can easily find on poker sites. A standard 52-card deck and 2-8 players on a single table is required to play this game. The basic goal of this online android games is to create the best poker hand ranking combination in order to win the pot every time. Players bet through four rounds while playing these best card games for android: pre-flop, flop, turn, and river. If you are interested in playing real money poker tournaments in India, you can download the PokerBaazi app and if you're a newbie in Poker games, you can learn from this platform by enrolling in the PokerBaazi school and get hold of the basics to get started even sooner.

Online Rummy Game

Rummy is a skill-based traditional matching card game played all over the world featuring groups of cards. It's easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. Forming sequences is an important part of Indian card online rummy game, and studies have shown that it also enhances mental focus and agility. To win this mobile game, a player must construct sequences of three or more cards of the same suit and be the first to eliminate all of the cards by forming melds. If you want to play this card game for an Android device, you may do so at India's best online rummy site, where you can win real money and incredible prizes.

3 Patti Game

Also referred to as Flush or Flash in some areas. 3 patti online is one of India’s most loved family online android games and also the best free offline android games of 2021 that is played by three to six players. Generally in this multiplayer online games, the boot money is placed on the table. The first person to put a wager is the one closest to the dealer. In Teen Patti, loose and tight relate to a player's overall inclination to continue playing hands after the first round. The winner in these card games for Android is the one who stays in the game until the hand is completed and has the highest hand. Teen Patti also comes under the most lucrative games in India that enjoys millions of active players in the country.

PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG mobile game is the best option to play on android phone.

Spider Solitaire Game

Spider Solitaire's spider term derives from the fact that spiders have eight legs and the foundation has eight discard heaps that must be filled in order for the game to end. This card game for Android with only one suit is a fantastic method to get an understanding of the game and when you've gained some experience, you may try your hand at 2 or 4 Suit. The goal of the spider solitaire game is to arrange all of the cards in the same suit in descending order from King to Ace. The card game is over when the table is entirely empty. You can start playing Spider Solitaire free android games anywhere from the comfort of your home.

Ludo - Board Game

We are fairly certain that every Indian is familiar with this fantastic board game. Ludo is originated from the Indian game Pachisi, as are other cross games. If you don't want to spend real money on a game, consider playing free Android games like Ludo on a myriad of gaming apps that doesn’t ask for any fee. You can play these best android games free 2021 with your family and friends as well as anonymous participants for endless fun. This also comes under the best free iphone games of 2021 that can be played by two to four players. You have to roll the dice, just as in the real-life game of Ludo, before you may move your piece in the game. The goal of Ludo is to try to get all four of your pieces inside your house before the other players.

Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble shooter is a replica of the Puzzle Bobble arcade game, and is one of the best android games played for free in 2021 that you can enjoy in your leisure time. In 2010, these online android games were adapted to iOS, and in 2012, it was ported to Android. To make three bubbles disappear in this game, a player must match the colour of at least three of them. You will be able to take the extra step once you have cleared all of the bubbles from your screen. To get rid of even more bubbles, use fireballs and cannonballs. Obstacles will obstruct your path. There are several stages to complete, and the levels will become more difficult as you progress through the phone game. You will receive a prize every day after logging in.

Trick Taking Games

One of the most popular best card games for Android are trick-taking games, which can be entertaining for a group of friends. A trick taking game is a card game in which a hand's gameplay is structured around a sequence of discrete rounds known as tricks. In several trick-taking games, players must follow the suit, which means that if they have one, they must play a card of the same suit as the one that was followed. Typically, the goal is to win more tricks than the other opponents. Under the category of trick-taking, you'll find a broad variety of games, including Euchre, spades, and hearts which are the best free offline android games of 2021. You'll love these traditional best card games for android if you're looking for some friendly rivalry.

Scratch Card Game

Scratch is a type of lottery game in which you scratch a grey region where an opaque image covers the outcome and then boom, You Win! These card games for android are quick to win games that do not require you to learn many intricate rules or wait for extended periods of time. A Random Number Generator is used to determine the outcomes of these online android games. You win in these cash games if you get three similar symbols while playing these kind of free android games. You may play this game in Indian rupees, US dollars, or other currencies, and all you have to do is scratch the number with your mouse cursor. Scratch card game is one of the best free offline android real money games.


Clue is a popular board game that has been played by millions of people and ranks among the best android games. Adapted for mobile devices, in these android games, players must seek the assassin who murdered the game's victim, Dr Black. The main objective is to solve the crime first. To figure out who the killer is, players must collect clues which will lead them to the weapon used in the murder, the location of the crime, and the identity of the murderer. The game can be configured to a different difficulty level: Easy, Medium or Hard and may be played against 3 to 5 AI opponents. To purchase the game on the Google Play Store, you have to pay a one-time fee of $1.99 USD.

Clash Royale

Are you looking for free android games that will offer you an immersive gaming experience, then Clash Royale is the one that you must go for. You've probably heard of the phone game Clash of Clans, and now you can purchase cards featuring all of the characters from the game. Use them while you're in a battle with another player in this multiplayer free online games. You have the option of joining a clan and then quitting it at any moment. You will be challenged by players from all around the world as a part of these online android games, and you may also challenge the players.

AI Factory Limited

Unlike other Android games, AI Factory Limited is a game creator that can be found on the Google Play Store with ease. It's a bunch of code monsters and designers that want to take artificial intelligence to a whole new level in making casual AI game engines. Since its inception, they have produced a number of card games. You can play the free android games here, but the advertising may interrupt your experience; however, if you pay, all adverts will be deleted. Solitaire, Spades, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Euchre, and a variety of other card games for android are among AI Factory Limited's best-selling titles.


What are the best free online games for android?

Poker Online, Scratch card game online, Teen Patti, Cultist Simulator, Trick taking, Clash Royale, Indian Card Rummy and Go Fish card games, Bubble shooter, Satte pe Satta card game are some of the best android games free 2021.

What are the Best online multiplayer card games for Android?

The term multiplayer implies more than one player involved in a game. Some of the best multiplayer game online for Android are Teen Patti, Clash Royale, Rummy online, Poker game, Fantasy Sports, Trick Taking games and many more.