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How to Play Solitaire Game Online Free

The Solitaire game is amongst the most popular one-player games that is super-fascinating and interesting to play. It has a long history and is said to have originated in the 17th century across northern Europe. Primarily, the Solitaire card game was used to predict the future. So, if a person wins the match, it was assumed that all their wishes would be fulfilled.

As time went by, the Solitaire card game online evolved to become a favourite card game for many people. Many online card gaming platforms today promote the Solitaire online game and offer lucrative cash prizes to winners. To play Solitaire online game, you must have a decent knowledge of the Solitaire rules and strategies. The primary objective of the Solitaire card game is to arrange the cards in the ranking order starting from ace to king for each card suit.

This might seem too easy, but it's surely not. To play Solitaire online game, you must not miss any detail whatsoever or lose the chance of winning the game. You can also ask your friends to join the game, and the person who does it faster will win the match. There are various Solitaire card game variations that you can opt for yourself according to its difficulty level and uniqueness in gameplay.

How to Play Solitaire Game?

The Solitaire card game is a single-player game using the 52-card deck. The match starts when the player distributes cards into seven piles, and each pile has one card extra than the next one. The top card of each pile will be a face-up card for easy movement in the Solitaire game.

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For instance, the first row will have one card; the second one will contain one face down card and another face-up card, continuing till row seven (6 face-up and 1 face-down). Overall, this is called a tableau.

To play Solitaire online game, you have to arrange the tableau cards into the foundational columns. These are four unique piles made to place the cards of all suits (Ace to king). The face-up cards of the Solitaire card game are movable from one row to another.

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These movements can only happen in two ways when you play Solitaire online. First, one of the Solitaire face-up cards in the seven row ranks lower than the other with different colours. For example, the 7 of hearts can be moved to another row having an 8 of spade or club.

Another game trick to play Solitaire online game is to move the face-up card directly to the foundational piles having one rank above the existing face-up card but of the same suit this time.
If you are reading it for the first time, this might seem difficult, but it will be much fun as you become consistent with the Solitaire online cash game.

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Solitaire Game Variations


Klondike is the most played Solitaire game. We mostly know this game through our personal computer. The objective of the game is to make the tableau cards move up to the foundational pile. It is very similar to the basic Solitaire game and is also known as Demon patience, Fascination or American patience in the US. To play Solitaire card game, you must be fully aware of all the Solitaire rules strategies in order to win the game.

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The free spider Solitaire game is distinct from Klondike. It is played using two decks of cards. Here, the player has to arrange 54 cards in 10 piles, similar to the Klondike. There are no foundation cards in the free spider Solitaire game; you will have to arrange the cards of tableau in a manner that they form four unique piles of cards having different suits. In case you need extra cards, they will be drawn only from the remaining cards of the stockpile.(Also Read:- 7 8 card game)


The FreeCell tash game is very similar to the basic Solitaire game, including four free spaces. To play the FreeCell Solitaire online, you will have to arrange all cards in eight piles with an upper card face-up. If you have difficulty moving any of the cards to the foundational pile, you can place them into any of the four free storage cells provided. The FreeCell Solitaire rules makes this one easier to play and is mostly preferred by beginners.(Also Read:- trick taking game)

Solitaire Game Tips

  • To play Solitaire online, you have to make sure that you open a gateway of cards first to place in the foundational piles. If not, it will block all the cards of the tableau, and you will lose the Solitaire game.
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  • Every move in the Solitaire card game has to be perfectly planned. At the start, you might find various opportunities where you can move your cards; however, each action that you take in the Solitaire game must support your next possible move.
  • Don't rush to put your cards in the foundational piles. It might seem stupid but can save you a lot of time and efforts. According to Solitaire rules, you cannot move back all cards from these piles, acting as a game block in a match.
  • If possible, move cards to the piles that have more hidden cards. This will give you multiple chances to explore new cards and make the appropriate one reach the ultimate foundational stack in the Solitaire game.
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  • Be aware of the colour coordination in mind when you play Solitaire online. To play a Solitaire card game, you can move cards of the same colour together; this means that red and black cannot be put above the same colour suit. Thus, every move you make needs to make sense and have the appropriate colour sets in the Solitaire game.

Solitaire Card Games and Online Poker

Both Solitaire card game and online Poker are real money gamesthat require actual skills to win. However, the gameplay of Solitaire and poker are very different from each other. To learn how to play Solitaire online, you do not require a bunch of people. Your only competition is yourself. In contrast, online poker is a people's game that requires a minimum of 2 players.
While playing a poker game, you have to arrange five cards that form the highest-ranking hand among all your competitors. A Solitaire game is not even near to this concept. To play a Solitaire game online, you have to take cards from the tableau and place it into the foundational piles. The faster you do it, the better it is.

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Solitaire Game FAQs

What's the best Solitaire game?

There are three most popular Solitaire games that people usually play, including the Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell. All these Solitaire card games are easy to learn and fascinating to play. Choosing one as a favourite would be an injustice to another. However, if you are a 90's kid who played a free online Solitaire game on your computer, then Klondike can be your ultimate match. (also see - 3 2 5 card game)

How to play Solitaire game?

Solitaire is a one-person game where you don't require any other people apart from yourself to play the game. You have to arrange the cards into seven piles, with each one having one card above another and the remaining cards are under the stockpile. The objective of the Solitaire game is to take cards from the seven piles to the foundation stack (Ace cards of each suit are placed to form a chain of cards starting from ace to king).

How to play Solitaire game with cards?

You learn how to play Solitaire game using the 52 cards deck. Here, the player has to arrange the cards into seven piles and finally place them into foundational rows. These represent four unique suits, starting from Ace to King. All these Solitaire online game cards have to be arranged numerically according to their ranks.

Where is my free online Solitaire game?

You can play free online Solitaire game on multiple card gaming platforms. These offer regular Solitaire online matches to encourage more users to play the game. You can also play free and real money games of online card game a on PokerBaazi and add another set of skills to your bag and win real money!

Which Solitaire game is the hardest?

A Solitaire card game is a one-person game where you need to consistently develop strategies to win the game; otherwise, every match will be tough to beat. However, some Solitaire games are challenging to win, including Solavant, Four thieves, Canfield, and scorpion.

What is the easiest Solitaire game?

Most Solitaire games are easy to play; they just require consistent practice to win the match. If you are a beginner and try a Solitaire card game for the first time, start with Klondike, Free cell, spider, and Yukon. (also read- how to play poker)

What is easy to play poker or Solitaire?

Both poker games and Solitaire card games are very different from each other. To play poker, you need to arrange five cards that form the highest rankings against each other. In contrast, to play Solitaire online, you have to take a card from the seven piles and arrange them in the foundational stack from ace to king. So, both games are extremely unique to be compared; however, you can try them and form your review.

What is the best free online Solitaire app?

There are various free online Solitaire game apps that you can download both on iOS and Android through the Apple app store or Play store, respectively. Here you will get multiple applications to play Solitaire online games absolutely free like free poker.

Is there a free online Solitaire game?

Yes, there are many free online games of Solitaire available online that offer various Solitaire variants to play. You can download it on your phone through the Apple app store or play store, depending on the phone you are using.