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How to Play Andar Bahar Games Online and Earn Money?

The Andar Bahar game is a luck based game of cards that was born in the southern state of Karnataka in India. A simple game of luck, its rules are pretty thrilling that makes playing with friends so much fun. Today, the Andar Bahar online game is featured in online gaming apps, casinos and websites that can be played to win real money games.

So, if you are up for some thrill and making some quick cash in your free hours, here’s all you need to know to learn how to play Andar Bahar, figure the Andar Bahar winning formula and earn consistent money online.

How to Play Andar Bahar Online Game?

Like most standard card games, the Andar Bahar game is played using a standard deck of 52 cards . You play the Andar Bahar online game with the dealer, and other players, in which case, all players must sit in a circle around the dealer when you learn how to play Andar Bahar game. The gameplay of Andar Bahar games basically revolves around the idea wherein players place bets on two different piles called Andar and Bahar. You follow the deal and win real cash if your bet favours you. Yep, that’s it.

Andar Bahar Gameplay Tutorial and Andar Bahar Tricks

Now about the gameplay, when you learn how to play Andar Bahar online game, the first step begins with the dealer who shuffles the cards, cuts them and then deals a single card with its face up on the table. This is the trump card in the Andar Bahar game and it needs to be matched in order to become the winner.

The trump card is also known more popularly as the House card. Once this is decided upon, all present players must place bets on the two separate piles to win as per Andar Bahar tricks. These separate piles are made by the Dealer and placed on either side of the House card that would be in the centre obviously. These two piles are called Andar and Bahar.

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When you learn how to play Andar Bahar online game in a Andar Bahar real money app, the minimum and maximum limit on the amount of money being played is usually stated automatically as per the stakes you choose to play for. If you play Andar Bahar games in a real casino, the house decides the wager amount.

In a real money app online, the dealer distributes single cards that are face up one after another consecutively from the deck and places them alternatively to the Andar Bahar piles onto the table.

Now, if the house card appears to be black in colour. The dealer will then place the 1st card in the Andar pile and if it appears red, it is placed onto the Bahar pile in the game as per the Andar Bahar tricks.
The dealer continues doing this until one card appears that matches the rank of that of the house card that was decided upon in the beginning of the Andar Bahar online game. According to the Andar Bahar winning formula, players who dealt on the matching card win the round and those betting on the other pile, shall lose in the Andar Bahar game.

Winning Formula in Andar Bahar online game

As per the Andar Bahar tricks, the probability of the 1st card to appear in the pile of the 1st card is slightly greater and hence, the payout in terms of winnings usually mimics this. Typically, a winning bet on the pile of the first card is paid out with the odds of 0.9:1. Similarly, a winning bet on the 2nd card’s pile is paid out as per the odds of 1:1 according to Andar Bahar winning formula.

To dig deeper and make this transparent, the probability of the 1st matching card coming up on the end of the 1st card is 51.5%. Therefore, it's easy to calculate that the house usually has an edge of 2.15% on the first card’s pile and 3% on the 2nd card’s pile.

Andar Bahar Tricks to Make Consistent Money

The best Andar Bahar winning formula is to try and achieve a 50-50 odds of winning in the tash game although there could be principals involved that results in this.

  • Whenever you lose in an Andar Bahar game, the amount doubles as per Andar Bahar tricks.
  • When you win in Andar Bahar online, the betting amount shrinks to the initial amount.
  • If you just learned how to play Andar Bahar not too long ago, try playing practice games first and then start off with micro stakes.
  • If at any time, you happen to win consecutively, take a break and catch some air. Do not try to recover your losses as a part of the Andar Bahar winning formula.
  • One interesting Andar Bahar winning formula is to place side bets. This helps you save your bankroll if you place them calculatedly.
  • Pick only those games with stakes that shall sustain your bankroll so that you only lose the amount that won’t hurt you.
  • One of Andar Bahar tricks is to follow the 1st card, that would be the Joker in the Andar Bahar online game. It will favour you more if you pick the box according to the suit of the Joker.

Summing Up the Andar Bahar game

As we know by now, learning how to play Andar Bahar online doesn't take more than 5 minutes and since it's a game of chance, perhaps you should play the game with caution and mindfully. If you are looking to elevate your chances of winning consistent money via tash games, we have a bunch of other skill based games that could pour in unlimited fun, not to mention the income opportunities.

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Andar Bahar - Common FAQs

The Andar Bahar game is a tash game of chance that is played against the dealer by one or more players. You place bets in two different piles called Andar and Bahar and place a trump card in the centre of Andar Bahar online game. The player’s whose first card dealt by the dealer matches his, wins the bet.

Playing Andar Bahar games is simple enough. You play against the dealer who deals two piles of cards face down and one placed face up in the centre. If the first card of the pile that you place your bets on matches the trump card aka the face up card, you win in the tash game.

One good Andar Bahar winning formula is to place side bets in the game. This way, even if you end up losing the primary bet, you can still recover your losses if you win the side bets in the Andar Bahar online game .

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