Uno Card Game

Playing classic uno card games online is simply irresistible and fun-filled! Once you start begin an Uno card game session, it isn't easy to put down. This popular card game offers a multiplayer option too which means more shedding of cards doubling the fun amongst a group of best friends or siblings.

In the UNO card game, players pep up with a matching card in their hands with the card displayed on the top of the deck. It either needs to be in sync with the numbers or colours. Let's check out the Uno rules and its special features starting from the Skips to the Draws all the way to the Wilds!

>Key Features of Uno Online Game are :

Type- Shedding
Players- 2-10 no.
Skills- Hand management, promptness
Age- Anyone above 7 years
Card Deck- 108
Time- Varies on the number of players

If you are bored and want to cut the crap with something exciting, then we suggest you play free Uno online games with friends or family. There’s a lot to play with a pack of Uno cards by your side. For beginners, free online Uno games is a great opportunity to finesse their skills and switch to real money earning game later.

Game Objective

Uno game rules are quite simple and the basic goal of the game is to score 500 points by being the first player to shed all his or her cards. Players can achieve this score over multiple rounds of play.

The first player to shed all cards receives points for the cards that are left in the hands of opponents. Win the maximum number of rounds to score the highest points, that's the game. The game is typically played in a clockwise fashion.

Uno Card Deck

The deck for Uno comes with 108 cards, amongst which four are ‘Wild’ and ‘Wild Draw Four’ each. 25 cards are of 4 colours, including red, green, blue and yellow. Every colour has 1 zero and 2 each from 1-9. Besides, each deck contains 2 ‘skip cards’, 2 ‘Reverse’ cards and 2 ‘Draw Two’ cards of each colour. These three cards are known as Action cards in this card game.

7 cards are dealt for each player to begin the hand, amidst which the top card of the leftover deck flips upside down and set aside for starting up with the pile discard. The player on the left of the dealer gets the first chance, and the initial card from the discard pile is known as the Wild card or the Action card.

Basic Uno Game Rules to Follow

  • Play with a card that matches the discard card in either number, colour or symbol.
  • Play with a Wild card or the Wild Draw 4 Card as per the requirement.
  • Draw over the topmost card in the deck and play along if possible.
  • Continue the play by laying them with the face-up at the top of the discard pile. Proceed the play clockwise on your online table.

Following are the effects of the action or the wild cards:

  • Skip- The following player in sequence abstains the turn.
  • Reverse- Chronology of the play switches from the clockwise to Anticlockwise direction.
  • Draw Two (+2)- The next player after you has to draw two cards and sequence and misses the turn to shed a card.
  • Wild- The player takes a call to decide the next colour for a match with the card.
  • Wild Draw Four (+4)- The player decides on the next colour for a match, and the following player in the sequences needs to draw 4 cards and misses the turn.

Other Uno Game Rules:

  • In Uno online multiplayer games, the player who draws from the deck should either play or keep the card and play with no other card from their hand at that turn.
  • Players can opt for the Wild card at any point even if he/she has other card options left.
  • The player can pick Wild Draw Four card only if he refrains from having any other option for the current card colour. Players might pertain to distinct colour cards matching the current symbol, number or wild card. And yet they could play the Wild Draw Four Card.
  • Any player with a Wild Draw Four might get challenged with the next player in sequence to ensure that their hand is in sync with the above condition.
  • If the complete deck is used in the play, the top discarded one sets aside, and the remaining pile gets shuffled for the next deck. Then the play continues normally.
  • It is against the UNO cards rules to exchange cards with other players.
  • As per the Uno rules, when you play the second last card, it is necessary to say ‘Uno’ as a warning for the other players on the table.

When you play Uno online with friends, these are the common Uno rules to follow. The first player who gets rid of the last card ‘wins’ the round and scores points retained with the other players.

Scoring of number cards is as per the face value, other action cards count for 20, and the Wild or Wild Draw Four are scored as 50. When Draw Two of the Wild Draw Four card indicates the move-out, the next player should pick the right number of cards before getting tallied.

UNO Card Game Penalties

In the Uno card game, it is equally important to know about the penalties associated with it. If any player does not say ‘Uno’ after shedding off their second last card and gets caught by the next player, then they need to draw up two more cards as penalty. If they get saved from being caught by the next player in the sequence and says ‘Uno’ before getting noticed, they can skip the penalty.

When a player puts forth the Wild Draw Four Card, the next one can also challenge its usage. Then, they need to privately show up the cards to the challenging player that they have no matching cards left. If the challenger is at fault, they need to pick 6 cards, including the 4 regular ones.

Two-Player Game

As per the Uno cards game rule for 2 players, the Reverse card would be a Skip, and the other player can miss a turn in that case.

House Uno Cards Rules

These additional rules can amp up the fun when you play Uno with friends.

  • Progressive Uno - When a draw card plays up, the next player having the same card can play and ‘stack’ up the penalty.
  • Seven-O - For playing 7, the player can swap the hand with other players. For playing a zero, all the players can pass on their hand towards the left.
  • Jump-In - When the player avails the same card in colour and number matching that of the discard pile, play right away even if it’s not your turn. The game could then move on as the player just completed their turn.

Uno Card Game Variations

The top variations for Uno card gameonline games are Elimination Uno, Pirate Uno and the Speed Uno.

Hands Down- Hands of all players are visible to the other players.

House Rules- It includes stacking the Draw 2 and Draw 4 card to be shed off at any time during the round.

Special card Roulette- Special Wild cards or the Wild card pertain to random effects at playtime. It is advantageous for the creative UNO card rules for the wild cards.

Special card Showdown- Next up variation allows players to select the Wild cards effects at the playtime.

Three Hand Uno- Every player has 3 piles of cards that they have to get rid of.

Time Bomb- There is a time constraint on the delay of the Draw 2 or the Draw 4 cards.

Uno Go Fish- What the Fish? Well, there are specific Uno game rules for all the action cards.

Uno Mao- The variations to the rules modify with every specific game.

How to Play Uno Game Online with friends?

Today, multiple options for Uno online multiplayer are easily accessible at the tap of your fingers. You can invite your friends to play together and share some good laughs and ease your nerves after a long day.

Winning Tips for Playing Uno Online Multiplayer Game

  • Play the cards prior to running out of the timer.
  • Say ‘UNO’ prior to throwing the second last card or ready to face two penalty cards.
  • Get rid of cards with the same numbers as fast as you can to grant yourself with more choices to shed your cards.
  • Keep those wild cards till the very end of the game and trump your way to victory. Play them early only when necessary.

Go online, create your private room and play the card game with friends for free.

UNO Vs Online Poker Game

What’s a better pick- UNO or Poker Game? UNO is a classic game to engross in family fun wherein the main concentration is to get rid of all the cards. Uno cards rules are simple and do not emphasize a lot of tactical play or strategies. Uno is a light-hearted game for those who wish to seek leisure time.

Poker card games demand a higher set of poker skills and strategy. Real money games of poker shoot up the intensity even more with strategic play and huge guarantees at stake. It is a regal game that needs experience, practice and the right moves to ace in the game.

So, if you want to take a shot at it, we suggest you go through the Poker Game rules thoroughly and watch our tutorial to get hang of the basic rules. Once you are confident about the game, make use of our Responsible Gaming tools to enjoy healthy gaming sessions of real money games without making it an obsession in your life. This way, the fun and earnings shouldn’t stop any time soon!

So, if you want to take a shot at it, we suggest you go through the thoroughly and watch our tutorial to get hang of the basic rules.Once you are confident about the game, make use of our tools to enjoy healthy gaming sessions of real money games without making it an obsession in your life. This way, the fun and earnings shouldn’t stop any time soon!

UNO Card Game FAQs

You can go to any Uno app and create a private room to start a new game. Invite friends and start the interesting Uno card game with the deck of 108 cards that aim to shed cards fast and to score from the remaining pile with the other players on the table.

Many user-friendly apps offer multiple consoles online play for the players to access the room from various locations. Learn the basic Uno game rules and start playing Uno online games from the comfort of your home.

The Classic Uno game is available on all Android and IOS devices. Simply download from Google Play store and start playing. For more such online card games, play online poker at PokerBaazi and earn real money daily.

Yes, you can play Uno online games with your friends and family anywhere on the go. This is perhaps the most popular reason why online free UNO games have acquired such a huge fan base in the country.

The basic goal of an Uno game is to be the first player to shed all your cards and receive the maximum number of points. The first player to score 500 points becomes the winner in the Uno card game. There are a variety of power cards such as action cards and wild cards that you can use as per the UNO rules to maximize your chances to win the game.

Although most Uno card game rules for 2 player Uno remain the same, there are a few changes in the list. The ‘Reverse’ card should be considered a ‘Skip’, and the other player's hand misses out. Apart from this, other standard rules are applicable for the 2 player game.

Pack of Uno card game is suitable for other games such as snap that follows the colour and number theme or the cockroach poker where players need to palm off as many cards as possible. However, Poker cards can be used for other tash games but not Uno as they differ from each other. For the real money games of poker, you must try authentic poker sites like PokerBaazi and enjoy without the use of hard cards!

The house rules of Uno involve the use of special cards known as Wild cards and Action cards. These cards impact your chances of winning the game significantly. These cards are:

  • Draw 2 - Player needs to draw 2 cards
  • Reverse - It reverses the direction of play
  • Skip - The next player has to skip his or her turn
  • Wild - The player gets to choose the colour he wishes to play
  • Wild Draw 4 - The player gets to pick the colour of the card to continue the game. Additionally, the next player draws 4 cards and skips his or her turn.

No, you can't play Uno with a regular deck of cards. You need to use only UNO cards to play this game as it contains unique cards such as action cards and wild cards that contribute to the rules and features of the game.