NPS India 2024 – Ab India Khelega Glory Ke Liye

Dive into the heart of India’s poker revolution with the National Poker Series (NPS) India – the country’s premier poker-centric celebration of skill, strategy, and triumph. Having witnessed three triumphant editions heretofore, NPS India boasts a staggering 305,000 entries and has awarded over 750 medals through 250 exhilarating tournaments in the past three years. 

The National Poker Series India stands as the epicenter of Poker where the spirit of competition, inspiration, and excellence blends gloriously. Brace yourself for an unprecedented spectacle in this upcoming edition, as the series expands to incredible heights with a colossal 50 crore+ prize pool – the largest guarantee ever in the history of Indian Poker.

Fasten your seatbelts as we lift the curtains to what 2024 has in store for our budding poker champions. Thrilling tournaments, greater medals of glory and endless entertainment awaits you at India’s biggest poker tournaments series.

Ab India Khelega Glory K Liye. So, get ready to be swept off your feet and let the magic of NPS India 2024 begin. 

NATIONAL POKER SERIES 2024 Carnival – What’s Up for Grabs?

  1. Biggest Unrivalled Prize Pool Ever

Buckle up as the National Poker Series India 2024 raises the stakes with an unprecedented ₹50 Crore+ prize pool –an impressive double up from the previous year’s stunning ₹25 Crore+. From 3rd-24th March, it’s the thrill of chasing monumental winnings in the poker series of the century that’s worth all the hype!

  1. Medal Tallies

Join us on a 21-day long extravaganza and make strategic moves forward to compete for the Night of Glory! This time around, the competition is bigger than ever where India will play to win for glory on the national stage of the NPS India 2024.

With 453 medals up for grabs including three coveted podium medals, each medal is a symbol of the countless hands played, the strategic moves executed and the sheer spirit focused on triumph. The Night of Glory awaits your presence to be celebrated in the chronicles of poker history.

  1. Number of Tournaments

Drench yourself in the excitement of 150 poker tournaments, each offering an amazing blend of strategy, skill and nail-biting moments. The National Poker Series India is the ultimate poker battleground, where contenders vie for glory in an extensive lineup of thrilling events. 

From classic Hold’em showdowns to intense Omaha battles, there’s a game for each one of you, suited to your preferences and expertise.

  1. Break Day

16th March 2024

Even champs need a breather every now and then. Take yours amidst the intense poker marathon on 16th March 2024. NPS India 2024 offers a designated break day to all players to recharge and strategize for the challenges that lie ahead in the poker series. It’s not just a pause, it’s a crucial pit stop for you to prepare yourself for the next stages of the competition.

  1. Rs. 1 Crore in Leaderboard Prizes

NPS India 2024 extends beyond the tables! Play and collect crazy winnings throughout the competition from a mind-blowing ₹1 Crore in Leaderboard Prizes. NPS India rewards resilient players for their consistent excellence and strategic prowess throughout the Series.

  1. 5 Crore GTD Main Event

Mark your calendars for the epic finale of the National Poker Series India 2024–featuring a spectacular 5 Crore GTD Main Event. To reserve your seat at the Main Event, you must qualify through the competition from any of the 10 Qualifiers running live from 17th to 24th March. 

Once you’re through the qualifiers, get ready to smash your opponents in the climactic showdown of the final event of 24th March. The National Poker Series India Main Event confirms hair raising stakes, high octane action, and a rare shot at poker immortality.

  1. Road to NPS (Series of Satellites)

March ahead on the thrilling ‘Road to NPS’ from 26th Feb to 2nd March through a series of pocket friendly satellites. These little ones pave the way for aspiring poker champions to secure their seat at the grand National Poker Series India 2024. It’s your turn to transform your poker dream into reality, one satellite at a time! The journey to glory begins with the Road to NPS.

Play, Triumph and Seize the Glory!

In the heart of India’s poker revolution, the National Poker Series India stands as a beacon of skill, glory and triumph. The 4th edition of the NPS India adds the crowning touch by sporting a record-breaking prize pool of ₹50,00,00,000, 453 dazzling medals of glory and an amazing array of 150 poker tournaments.

However, it’s not just about glory and rewards. More than just a series of events, the National Poker Series India is a movement born in 2021. It has been a journey of catalyzing and transforming the landscape of Poker game by forming its own distinct and vibrant culture to bring all of India together.

Beyond the thrill of big winnings and celebrating glory, the National Poker Series India champions an ethos of continual progress, firmly believing that every poker player carries the potential to reach the pinnacle of their game.

So, join us in shaping the future of poker in India, where every hand played is a cumulative blend of fun, glory and entertainment. Our celebration resounds beyond just the tables, chiming across all corners of the nation. 

Ab India Khelega Glory Ke Liye!