Beating someone at real money poker games whether live or online, always feels great but there’s a special feeling that you can only get by crushing your friends at a weekly home game. Now, it might take years to work your way up to being a pro at real money poker but it will only take a few minutes to learn how to beat your friends at the felts and go home with their money no matter what kind of player they are.

Today, we will spread some wise words of wisdom to those of you who have been outsmarted by that friend of yours and even friends of your friends in real money poker games. Many a times, the table is filled with unexpected guests who are looking to flaunt their skills in front of others and prove their worth by stealing all your money.

The question is, “How to beat such a fluid variety of poker players on one single table?” We tell you how today.

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Most Common Real Money Poker Player Types 

For starters, no matter which poker player you are up against anywhere in the world, chances are you are going to run against a certain kind of poker player every time you hit the felts. From an ultra-newbie who is still wondering whether a flush beats a full house to the wanna-be poker pro lot who can’t wait to flaunt it all and win all your real money, we have categorized them under 5 kinds.

  1. Ultra Newbie
  2. Beginner
  3. Intermediate
  4. Poker Pro
  5. The Reckless

And we are going to nail them all!

1. Ultra Newbie

It’s quite easy to spot an ultra-beginner at the table compared to the rest. Do they stack neat or leave their chips lying carelessly around? If they are pretty casual about their chip stack and you hear questions like, “What are the chip denominations again?” bingo, you found your guy!

Generally, beginners care less and have little idea on what’s cooking at the table and to come across questions like ‘what beats what’ are clear signs that you are playing an ultra-new comer who is far off from winning at real money poker games.


Ultra newbies tend to bet on every street regardless of their cards just for the sake of playing hands and maybe win real money on every single hand. When playing a newcomer, avoid bluffing them and try hitting a top pair or better and then value bet them hard to get the chips.

2. Beginner/ Learner

Beginners are still learning the ropes through a couple of home games or watching few poker videos on the internet. They haven’t really worked out a strategy to play online poker games and win real money and more than often, tend not to care beyond the strength of their own cards. They will show strength when they have a strong hand and weakness without one. It’s that simple.


The ideal strategy to beat this kind and win at real money poker is to steamroll them with constant aggression. Beginners usually leave chips at the table during pre-flop and fold often after the flop. However, remember if they respond to your aggression, it’s a clear sign that they have a strong hand.

3. Intermediate

The intermediate players have been playing real money poker for at least a couple players and like to spend some free time learning poker strategies, so it’s not uncommon to hear some nerdy poker terms during home games. These lot are mostly the tight-aggressive kind and that means, they fold often when they have a weak hand.


The best strategy to win more real money against such poker players is to force them to fold more often. If they get back at you still, chances are high they have a pretty good hand and you should fold if you don’t have one. When you got a monster hand, value bet as hard as you can.

4. Wanna be Poker Pro

It’s easy as pie to spot a real money poker pro. Chances are he is wearing a hoodie, a pair of shades and maybe even headphones! Someone who often shuffles poker chips in his hands, it is quite likely that he is the best player on the table but then, he has his weaknesses too.

Such real money poker pros often like to think they can play anybody on the table. They love to pile up the big bucks on every chance they get which also means they suck at losing, right? So, how to pin them down?


When you got a great hand, apply reverse psychology and offer them the chance to bluff and put in the money by playing passively on your end.

6. The Reckless

Yes, you might come across this lot more often than you would like to. These guys have locked in three poker terms for good, bad or worse -“Bet” “Raise” and “All In” on all sorts of real money online poker games. They are drawn to action ever more than winning.


Ergo, playing against the reckless kind is pretty painless actually. Simply wait patiently for a strong hand to come around. Such real money poker players are looking to earn free poker money through all sorts of bluffing and will always do the calling and raising for you. Capitalize on that.

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