“Has fortune dealt you some bad cards? Then let wisdom make you a good gamester.” – Francis Quarles

Card games in India are a second religion just like cricket. Most of us often associate memories of Sunday afternoons enjoying home card games with family and friends or cracking a good time on special occasions with a deck of cards.

However, playing cards is not just a fitting way to blow off steam but also an excellent means of bagging some core skills. Card games reflect the perfect mix of challenge, fun and social interaction which is why they are the best pick to break the chain of monotony in our lives.

Card games have now expanded their horizon as they have blended with technology to create stunning opportunities for players interested in cashing in on their passion, resulting in a further spike in their popularity. As such, these are exciting times to join the jamboree and earn what’s rightfully yours.

So, today, we have picked some of the popular card games in India that shall not just offer respite but also win you real money games.


Poker is a stellar card game that is globally popular and admired and has captured the awe of the audience ever since it hit the television in the 1970s. Erstwhile, the card game was restrained to the elite in the west as it involved playing for mostly higher poker stakes, calling for a superior level of discipline and skillset.

The inception of global events such as the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas further enhanced the magnitude of the game. Poker, like most card games, has several variations with slight differences in the rules, however, the gameplay at heart, remains the same.

For instance, in the most popular variant, Texas Hold’em, the dealer distributes 2 hole cards to all players and then, reveals five community cards face up on the table through a series of 4 betting rounds. Players must match their hole cards with three community cards on the table to form the highest poker hand and win the pot. 

A game of Poker typically demands aptitude in mathematical and logical reasoning beyond your average mind to become a winning player. However, if truth be told, besides being a smartie, you need to develop strong work ethics and a higher level of social and emotional adaptability to become successful.


When it comes to card games in the Indian quarters, the most familiar name that tops the charts is none other Rummy. Card games of Rummy are rooted in Indian culture as they have proven to be a binding element in social gatherings and events.

The fact that the gameplay is so simple and catchy with rules that shall only take a few minutes to learn, Rummy is the recipe you must add during recess with friends or even colleagues at work. The basic gameplay of Indian Rummy is to use your cards to form matching combinations of sets and sequences and declare your hand before your opponent does to win the game.

On PokerBaazi, you can learn the game for free and play a stunning variety of online rummy cash games and tournaments across stakes and win real cash daily.

Teen Patti

Perhaps, there is hardly any Indian who hasn’t heard of this card game. Teen Patti is one of the most thrilling and adored card games in India that is typically played for real money. Born in the Indian continent and eventually sprawling through South Asia,

Teen Patti is a game of chance that was actually inspired by the English game called Three-card brag which carries6 shades of poker. The game also goes by the name Flush or Flash in some parts of the world including India.

Unlike skill based games like Poker and Rummy, Teen Patti doesn’t require a higher degree of skill since it is essentially chance based game. The dealer deals three cards each to all players which players bet on with real money. The winner is the player with the highest three-card hand.

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This only comes with regular homework and discipline that will require you to put in a dedicated number of hours without fail if you wish to become a professional. Beginners can learn poker game from scratch for free on PokerBaazi school to follow the ideal trajectory and become a winning player in no time.


Bluff is another one of outrageously popular card games in India and is a major party booster. You can play this card game with as many players as you want by using multiple decks of cards based on the number of players involved. The game rules are simple and on point.

Players are dealt an equal number of cards and the objective is to discard all your cards into an open pile in the center by either discarding cards by naming them for what they are or simply bluffing your way through it. The player who manages to discard all his/her cards first among all wins the game.

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The thrill of the game is called up when you observe your opponent’s claim and call their bluffs by shouting “Bluff’ or “Cheat”. If the accused player indeed lies, then he/she must take the entire pile of cards in the round. If not, then the accuser must take the pile instead thereby stocking up his own hand and falling behind. If a party calls for an icebreaker, there’s no better pick than a Bluff card game!

Call Break

Call Break is a bidding card game popular in India and South Asian countries. This card game has the potential to run deep and hence,  is the perfect boredom killer. It is a variation of the Spades game and is best played among 4 players. 13 cards are dealt to each player and 5 rounds are played to complete one game.

In each round of Call Break, after the cards are dealt, all players must make a bid of the number of hands they expect to win out of those 13 hands. The objective is to win as many hands as possible, thereby breaking the call. You should be able to break a call from other players to score higher and become the winner.

Summing up

Card games seldom disappoint and they are often the first choice in gettogethers because they cost you nothing! Now that you can play all kinds of card games in India online, don’t dawdle any more. Say adios to boredom and take on these opportunities to flaunt your skills and maybe also win real money any time you feel like it.