Everyone strives towards moving up the ladder in life. Similar to a game of real money poker where newbies make their way up to amateurs playing small stakes and so on. If you are reading this article, take a breather and pat yourself on the back for coming this far. Scaling stakes are not easy in poker and if you are considering playing a mid stakes poker tournament, you need to be equipped with a new arsenal of weapons.

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For starters, remember, at each blind level, the game is different from the strategies deployed to the type of players on your table to even the wager size. So today, we equip you with the right weapons to destroy the mid stakes poker field.

Mid stakes poker PokerBaazi

Weapon No.1 – Level 3 thinking on

You’ve probably enjoyed your beginning games with Level 0 (no thinking). Added some real money when you got good at it and moved onto Level 1 (What do I have?). Then, you realized as you dabbled with small stakes poker games, in order to stay alive, you need Level 2 (What do they have) thinking.

After spending much time at the felts, you have graduated well to play a few mid stakes poker games today and concluded that your current poker game requires Level 3 thinking (What do they think I have). This is the very basic mind set of how to play poker from which you need to operate to not be eaten alive by the mid stake sharks.

Weapon No.2 – Adapting your hand range

We all know the importance of building a hand range in a game of poker. In mid stakes poker tournaments, you can’t just stay fixated with your hand range. The range needs to evolve to take into account the dynamic changes on your table.

Weapon No.3 – Understanding who you are up against

Being aware of the skill level of your opponents is crucial when you play mid stakes poker tournaments. When you move from dealing with casual players in small stakes games to playing against pros in mid stakes poker tournaments, the change can be intimidating.

This also re-emphasises weapon no.1 for you since pros are better at putting you on a hand range unlike in small stake games. Your opponents are certainly better hand readers and therefore, you have to play lines that cover your hand. Level 3 thinking folks!

Eapon to Destroy Mid Stakes Poker -PokerBaazi

Weapon No.4 – It’s all about sizing those bets

In mid stakes poker tournaments, professional poker players are well aware of being exploited and you can see everyone trying to optimize their bet size. Mid stakes poker games are all about the 3x raises even when they are aware a 2.5x or a min-raise can get them the same result.

Weapon No.5 – It’s all in the code

Professional poker players are certainly using poker software to better their games. Trackers or poker HUDs allow you to get information about not just your opponents but yourself too! The calculators then help figure out what the trackers spew out. This is also a great way for you to spot your own games and fix those leaks.

Weapon No.6 – Seek a Mentor/Coach

Mid stakes poker tournaments are where you can see recreational poker players turn their hobby into a decent living. So, if you are serious and mean business, coaching is probably the fastest way to ace these stakes. You might have to eat into your poker bankroll for this, however, in the long run it’s certainly worth the ROI.

Weapon no.7 – Burn that midnight oil!

Yup, it’s back to school with those poker books. At this level of gameplay, you ought to be rummaging through all the poker material you got. Be it reading a book or watching a video or a one on one with your mentor, you have to study to stay alive. Also, check if you know:

  1. You are applying what you study?
  2. How do you apply the concepts you’ve studied, if you are at all?
  3. How do you ensure these concepts stick in the long run?

What to Look forward to this month?


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So, with plenty of action and new options for mid stakes acers like you, max your investments up to 200 times by unleashing those weapons we discussed today on the poker felts this Diwali!