Frustration. This is a word that many poker players are absolutely familiar with. People can get frustrated at a drop of a hat these days. Had a bad day at work? Frustrated. Had a fight with someone? Frustrated. Stood in a queue for a long time? Frustrated. Not getting good hands playing poker? Frustrated.

Patience while playing poker is a key. Getting frustrated while playing poker can cost you a lot of money and relations. On most days, unsuspecting loved ones around you become your punching-bag and have to bear the brunt of your frustrating days!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before going crazy and attacking the people around you who are genuinely concerned about you.

Count to 10 or Not?

This approach might not work for everybody, but when you feel yourself getting frustrated immediately, take a few seconds to analyze yourself and your reaction, before analyzing the situation.

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Are you about to lose your cool and lose your mind as the game has been going on for what seems like never-ending? Oneof easier poker tips to apply here is to take a few deep breaths before playing your next move and stop yourself from making stupid bets or calls.

Try to Remember the Good Things Happened to you in Poker

Count your many blessings, especially when you find yourself in a terribly frustrating situation. Think about all the good winnings and good moves you made in the past. In order to overcome a frustrating situation, you must handle it maturely, by being patient and possessing immense self-control. These are a few characteristics that are difficult to understand, but once mastered, can help you achieve great things.

Try Playing Without Too Many Expectations

Most frustrations are caused due to expectations. Many beginners keep their hopes really high from the game and end up getting frustrated when they don’t get good cards. You may read all poker strategy books, but these books won’to help unless you control your own mental habits.

Try Zoning Out From Time To Time

You must have been offered these poker tips but they work. Practicing yoga and meditation can impact your body and mind in great ways. Yoga will help distract you from all the negative elements in your life and help you exercise at the same time. 

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Meditation, on the other hand, helps you cleanse your mind and also removes the toxicity. Mindful meditation is something everybody should practice. When you do a task, try making sure that your mind is fully focused on that particular task. 

For example, avoid playing the hand after a bad beat and better take a couple of hands off to calm down your frustration.

Just remember that this is a game and patience is the most critical skill required in the game. Many players play far too many hands due to the frustration of not getting good hands. This is definitely not a perfect guide to help you win the game, but it sure is a nudge in the right direction. 

By adopting a few of these techniques, you could lower the level of frustration as well as have a happier approach toward the game! Playing Poker is not a bed of roses for sure, but it can be made one by lowering your levels of frustration!

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