Whoever said that going to university is easy and fun got it ALL wrong. It is hard, and therefore, playing online poker in India along with university life can be a bit tricky. You need some amazing time management skills to make sure that you devote your full attention to both activities whilst simultaneously not burning out and keeping time for yourself too!

Time Management

As previously mentioned, if you’re not going to get a diary (online or a physical diary), or remember to complete your assignments as well as be there for your poker games on time, you might land yourself in a little bit of a pickle.

Lots of Studying

University work is not as easy as it looks. Writing research papers, and completing group assignments along with individual assignments can be stressful. Like poker, it requires a lot of attention to detail.

Poker Friends

You should keep a separate group (Facebook, WhatsApp, online poker forums, etc.) of poker friends, who you talk to about your poker winnings, and who’ll understand you and encourage you further. Talking to friends in college might not be your best bet because they will never be as into poker as you are and will never fully understand the poker jargon.


Be focused and strong. You cannot let poker decide whether you should complete an assignment or whether you should attend a class/seminar. Just because you are earning a lot of money playing poker online doesn’t mean that you have to give your education a back-seat.

Do NOT become an Addict

If you find yourself thinking about poker when you’re not supposed to, for example, during class hours or at social gatherings with friends, it would be in your best interest to take a short break from the game. 

By doing this, you will be able to challenge your mind to take up other activities and focus on what’s currently happening around you. Poker can wait, but your college education cannot!


You might start becoming an addict who goes to class every alternate day and then bails on social events because you want to only play poker. Do NOT become like this! 

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Going out with friends helps you forget the hard college life as well as giving you a break from poker for a while. It’s a change from your daily schedule, but this change is good!

Get Active

Sitting in a classroom all day and then sitting at a computer or laptop at home can make you a couch potato! Try playing a new sport. It’ll make you more active. It will help you maintain your weight and improve your blood circulation.

All this is easier said than done, but do remember one thing that is constantly stressed upon, it is NOT EASY. Managing college work and online poker is not easy. Make sure you complete any pending university work before rushing into playing poker. Poker should be a special treat once you have studied enough for the day!