On most days, there is nothing more infuriating than not being able to focus on a game whether it’s an online or a live poker game. Meditation could be the answer to all your problems. Meditation has proven successful in improving the mental and physical health of individuals. It can work as a form of exercise, especially for your brain, where it helps to train and strengthen the gray matter (in the brain). Brain functions will be enhanced once you embrace the art of meditation in your life.

It will help you focus better, even in the most boring of tasks, and can help you process information in a new and informative manner and improve at poker game. There are three significant types of meditation: Concentration, open-awareness, and guided meditation.  If order to learn how to meditate, you need to know which kind you need to work on.

A game of poker requires undivided focus and attention, a few seconds of distraction and you could end up losing a fortune. This implies that you need to learn how to meditate to grow your level of concentration in order to improve at poker.

The objective of Concentration meditation is to acquire the single-minded attention that is directed at a particular object, a candle flame, a word, etc. Frequently returning your attention to this object will develop your ability to remain calm, focused, and not stressed.

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You need to find a quiet spot to meditate. Sitting in one spot for a longer period of time could prove to be helpful as well. You can choose to meditate at whatever time you feel like, as long as you’re relaxed at that time and will not be disturbed. You should be sitting comfortably, wearing comfortable clothing that isn’t too tight that it will cut your blood circulation. 

You could set a timer for about 5-10 minutes when you just start meditating because your body will require time to adjust itself to the meditation. Post this, you can increase the time taken for each session of meditation. Once the timer is set, it is time for you to relax your eyelids.

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Post this, you should direct your attention directly to the focus of concentration. Most people tend to focus on the rhythm of their breathing. If you get distracted, simply redirect your attention to the pattern of your breathing. This form of meditation is to relax you and not stress you out! It is difficult to set aside difficult thoughts, especially in the beginning, but it is absolutely essential. You need to feel a certain sensation of merging with the object of concentration. In this case, you could feel like you’re one with your breathing because you’re that relaxed. Don’t worry, this is normal and should be continued.

As mentioned before, learning how to meditate in this nature is carried out in order to improve your concentration. You still need to know the poker rules to win the game. You cannot always have notes and pointers to take you ahead. There will be times when you need to know the facts and details in your mind because of the number of times you have gone over the details. This is where learning how to meditate can be a boon to you. It will help invigorate your senses and your brain, help you feel alive and focused again and will help you keep going while playing poker.

It is very difficult for people to get themselves to meditate. A lot of people think that they are not cut out for meditation. This is such an incorrect notion. Everybody and anybody can conform to the rules of meditation and rejuvenate themselves (almost instantly)! Take up this powerful weapon and see yourself significantly improve at poker and whatever else you love to do!