Winning in Poker requires a strategic mind and a bit of luck. But, it is not enough. If you are going to make it to the final table, you need more than that. Here are a few books that will help you become the King of the final table:

Kill Phil: The Fast Track to Success in No-Limit Hold’em Poker Tournaments 

-Blair Rodman, Lee Nelson, and Steven Heston

The book contains techniques that will help you win against more experienced players who have more strategies and skills up their sleeves. It helps the beginners by giving them the weapon they need to sway away from the pros. Kill Phil Rookie, the abbreviated system can be learned in an hour. For different poker tournaments like Sit-n-Gos, single table satellite and online, there are different strategies and the book will help you master them all.

Sit n Go Strategy – Collin Mashman

This book is definitely one of the best SnG strategy poker books for beginners. If you wish to play single tournaments, you must read this. The fact that makes it one of the best poker books is that it will make you a better player in multi-table tournaments as well and not just in SnG games. You need to have a first-hand knowledge of poker playing and Sit n Go games. All the examples and the detailed elaboration of the strategies makes it one of the best poker books for beginners.

Unfolding Poker – James “Splitsuit” Sweeney

Splitsuit is an expert poker coach. Over the years, he has written sufficient content for aspiring poker players. His work has helped many beginners reach the pinnacle of success. Unfolding Poker is a FAQ styled book that was written in front of a live audience. Across the book, you will find answers to questions like how to use the table image, when you should fold or hold over pairs or how to make money in a tight game.

The answers were written with input from the live audience. The writing is straightforward and has great material for game improvement.

Tournament Poker for Advanced players – David Sklansky

The book by Sklansky is for the players who are looking for a transition to tournament play from the ring/live games. The book contains poker strategies for different levels of the tournament. It teaches you concepts like the rising stakes in the tournament game, the all-in strategy, the changing value of the chips, the Gap concept and even the effect of going broke. The author has written another outrageously famous poker book “The Theory of Poker”which is one of the best poker books for beginners in the game.

Every Hand Revealed – Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen is one of the best live players of poker. Over the years, he has made a lot of bucks. The book contains every single hand that Gus played in the Aussie Millions of 2007 where he beat other 747 players and won the game. It is well written and quite entertaining offering players intriguing insight into the mind of one of the best poker players. Every hand has a detailed narrative. It doesn’t have any complex maths.

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