Motivation is one of the key ingredients for becoming a successful poker player. However, motivation, at the same time, is something that most poker players lack and struggle with. Poker is fun and you want to keep playing it till everything is going your way! However, once things start moving in the opposite direction, it is the last thing you would want to indulge in. Feeling demotivated is natural, but if you keep moving ahead, regardless of the circumstances, then you are a true professional! 

So, how do you overcome your unmotivated self? How do you push yourself onwards and upwards? Here are some easy to follow motivation tips that can help you overcome this stage, and stay motivated to rock the poker table.

Surround Yourself with Highly Motivated Winners

If you are feeling unmotivated, look for poker players who have achieved great success and recognition in the game. On knowing about them, you would understand how they must have consistently worked hard to get where they are. Most poker players these days have some sort of title book, blog, twitter etc. In order to know how to stay motivated in the game, you must follow these players. You can also engage in conversation with the person and with other followers through the comments, and know what keeps them motivated. This may further boost your confidence.

Set Public Poker Goals

Though cliche, goal setting is one of the most crucial ways and motivation tips you can apply to keep yourself going with confidence in anything. One key way of doing this is by setting public goals, which usually relate to the number of hands that you will play over a period of time such as a month.

The reason why publicly stated goals are so helpful in keeping you motivated is because you hold yourself more accountable. Well, because what could be worse than saying you are going to something, that too in front of others and then failing miserably? Interesting way to learn how to stay motivated, eh?

Opt for Meditation, Music or Inspirational Videos

Poker is not really considered a sport by most, however, the bottom line is that poker for many, pays the bills. To do away with the stress of the game, professional athletes start preparing mentally hours before the game begins. One of the key motivation tips to be privy to is that they do this by listening to music and keeping calm or hearing the words of the wise (their coaches etc.).

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This is all done to keep the mind in the right place to stay motivated and give their best to the sport. The same can be done with poker as well. Another way to keep the mind motivated is by watching some inspirational videos. There are a plethora of videos these days that can be found very easily on the internet. 

Meditation is also good to get rid of the stress and stay up for the game! Do some basic deep breathing before your next session of poker to get your mind right.

Believe in Yourself

One of the key ways to practice how to stay motivated is self belief. In order to achieve what you want in life, you first need to believe in yourself! If you keep believing you can’t achieve anything, then that’s just an exercise in futility. Losing self-confidence is common in poker as on some days you may keep losing, but it does not mean giving up! Thus, believe in yourself and stay motivated!

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Keep the Fun Alive!

Remember the very first reason why you began playing poker? You loved the game, you adore the fun! So, why stop? Wins and losses are part of poker as much as any part of your daily deals of life. As long as you keep the fun in your heart and enjoy the game, you will see yourself performing better every day.

Motivation tips are fine on their own but the important thing to grasp is to never shy away from something you love. Take every hand you play as an opportunity to learn something you didn’t know before and grow as a person. Your game will automatically get better.

See you at the tables!