Even if you are an outstanding live player and understand poker from your soul, playing online can be fairly diverse and there are few things you might want to know before you play online poker in India.

Most people desist playing poker online and the common saga is that they can’t see their opponents’ hole cards. Sure you cannot see them but you can certainly control your game and this is the only thing which separates winners from losers. 

You can always start by playing easy and try to understand the tools and system of the website you are playing on. Here are a few tips to make your game noteworthy and intimidating for your opponents when you play poker online.

Make Notes While Playing

This is the most important thing to remember when you play poker online and indeed a better way of adding more thoughts to your poker game. Always take notes while you play as it will always help you in making better poker strategies when playing next time.

Almost all online poker sites offer the feature of making notes but still very few players take the advantage of this and making genuine notes on opponents can be the difference between winning and losing a big pot.

Time to Buy, Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Having an environment that is free from disruptions is a significant part when you play poker online. This is one of the major differences between playing poker online and playing poker live

You can never win poker while watching TV or baking the pie. Make sure to be in the do not disturb zone when planning to play poker. Also, playing poker when being drunk is cool but undeniably dumb.

Rakeback Factor

Whenever you play a poker hand list of online poker, a small part of the pot is raked or better say taken by the house. Taking back that money is called Rakeback. If you do not play a lot of poker games, then you really do not need rakeback but if you play every day for a few hours, then only you can benefit from poker rakeback.

Keep it Simple

One of the most working strategies for any poker player is to play fewer hands and value betting your strong hads rigorously. Beginners have a tendency to play almost every hand just to make maximum money. However, reality suggests otherwise. The more hands you play ,the more chips you give away. The idea is to play with only your strong hands and win guaranteed money.

Eliminate Poker Room Confusion

If you are confused about finding the best poker room to play, then you can download the software of different poker rooms and after comparing the rooms, you can make your final decision to sign in.

Massive Tournaments or Smaller Rooms?

You can decide whether you want to play in smaller rooms or in larger poker rooms where there are massive tournaments taking place. While playing poker tournaments, try to be cautious to manage your bankroll and bring the only small percentage of your payroll at a time. If you want to learn the different inclinations of the various players, then you should go for smaller rooms.