Fake it till you make it, this proverb is really significant while playing poker as we all know the gala of unexpected ups and downs in the game. You might go through the flow of losing faith where you doubt each and every move, you might also go through an unstoppable flair when you are damn sure of winning the game even before making any move. 

Massive ego and high confidence can be really valuable for you if you adopt them as part of your poker strategy.

Advantages of Having a Legitimate Ego in Poker

  • Implementing this poker strategy lets you play consistently without going on tilt and be content during declines. It gives you the sheer confidence of belief that you are better than all players. This kind of confidence can be intimidating for your opponents.
  • Your boosted ego indeed scares other players, so you can easily make it your weapon to play against your opponents.  They will think thoroughly before making any moves or bluffing you.
  • With an ego to flaunt, you get this feeling of I know I am better than you and you play with the utmost confidence in your knacks. Your confidence can wreck the confidence of your opponents if you play each move without hesitation.

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  • You can adjust better to your opponent’s action since you are already hopeful of winning the game and you trust your moves better than others. No matter what they throw at you, you will know where the opponent is coming from and you can act accordingly.
  • The result won’t affect you whether you win or lose the game as at the end you believe in learning. You will analyze each and every wrong move made by you as part of your poker strategy and learn to play poker better next time. Downswing is not your cup of tea.
  • You will clearly focus on the bigger picture rather than going on tilt for a few bad beats. Dropping buy-ins won’t be a big deal for you now. All that you shall focus is on getting better.
  • The best part of supreme ego is that it saves you from going on poker tilt and hence, hoards you from imminent bigger losses. You already know that you are better than your opponents and even if you lose, you learn from your bad moves. This shall be evident in your energy when you are seated on the table. 

Confidence and ego can be a great online poker strategy if you start associating your every move with learning. It will deceive people into believing that you are already going to win the game, eventually dropping their confidence to the base. Play your best game and you will certainly earn money in poker.

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