Poker games are all about the excitement and maintaining proper etiquette. Whether you play poker online or at a live tournament or at home, the manners remain the same for the game. There are some common conventions needed to be followed by every poker player.

Playing poker at home could be an emotional upfront as most of the time you are playing with your friends and family members. We bring you some of the dos and don’ts of when you play poker at home.

Do’s to Play Poker at Home

Honesty is the most important virtue when you play poker at home. Always play with morality as you are playing with your friends or family members. You might win a game but with deceiving, you might lose your friends.

You should always act when it is your turn and not out of desperation as it will unfavourably distress the hand of another player. So, do remember to fold, call or bet only when it is your turn.

Never leave the game unexpectedly and it is always appreciated if you let the people know in advance about your plans of leaving the game early. Try to play quickly and don’t overthink before making your moves. Slow players irritate everyone and they might not invite you next time.

Always be friendly when making moves without whining about things.

Don’ts to Play Poker at Home

Do not shout, yell or misbehave when you lose the game. The way you behave after losing a game explains how experienced you are at playing poker. Always be a good loser and don’t end up insulting other players during the game.

Do not overjoy or laugh at other players when you win the game. Be a little mature when you win and try to keep calm. Better save your excitement when you reach home.

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Don’t offer guidance to the player in the middle of the game. Other players might get annoyed with your pride. Don’t look at the hand of another player lest you have consent. Some players have strong reservations against looking at their hands.

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Playing poker online at home is all about having a good time with your pals and family members while you enjoy stealing each other’s money through your sheer wit and skill. With the right vibe and proper setting on the table, this one poker night can lead to many more fun nights and in no time, you could be the proud quintessential host to whom your friends might rely on for the perfect kind of poker jam.