Poker is a game of skill and there are many fast and effective ways to work out the probabilities of hitting your hand. Finding out your chances of winning a poker hand when playing poker online for money can be complicated sometimes, but there are some easy steps to get a good estimate, even when you do not think yourself to be a mathematics genius.

The rule of two and four can help you find your odds of winning poker hands which will eventually help you in making a decision whether to fold, raise or call. Count your outs after a flop has been dealt and multiply that number by 2 to calculate the ratio of making your hand on the turn or four to estimate your chance of making it by the river. 

After multiplying your outs by 2 and 4, you can compare the percentage you got with your pot odds to understand whether or not to call with a drawing hand.

In simple terms, multiply by two if one card is yet to come to get an idea of the percentage of making your hand on the turn and multiply by four for two cards to know the probability of making it by the river. 

To know your percentage poker odds, you can also multiply your outs by 2 when you are on the turn waiting for the river. The rule of 4 and 2 got its origination in the book written by Phil Gordon, a strategy for NL Hold’em. Remember that the rule of 4 and 2 doesn’t work for ratio odds and only for percentage odds while playing live poker online games.

You should only multiply your outs by 4 when your opponent has moved all-in and you are on the flop. You can indeed dust off the rule of 4 when your opponent moves all-in on the flop. Many players make the mistake of using the rule of 4 on the flop every time and always look to multiply your outs by 2 when you are on the turn and flop to get your exact percentage poker odds.

Baazi Turbo Series (5 Crore GTD)

Baazi Turbo series

As if the G.O.A.T wasn’t enough, now you get to burn the felts with the Baazi Turbo Series across 5 days of high octane action! Multiple events across the board, you have plenty to stake your skills this time around. 

Highlights of the BTS feature:

  • Main Event 1 Crore GTD
  • Mini Main Event 25 LAC GTD
  • Highroller Event 30LAC GTD
  • Prime Time Event – Monday-Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday -7pm

Seal your spot right now and put on your thinking shades to win plenty!