Double or Nothing (DoN poker) tournaments are fast, fun and seem easy, but a little digging will reveal that there are plenty of poker strategies involved in playing them profitably in the long run. An easy way to build your bankroll, this new and exclusive addition is quickly gaining popularity in the domestic circuit. The easy double up notion attracts most, while the few that look harder find the dynamics of this format particularly interesting.

The risk of busting is much greater than the reward for doubling up. Paramount to this format of the ‘DoN’ poker game, understanding and adapting to this fact is quite often the differentiating factor between a winning and losing player. In general, playing a Double or Nothing poker game is much like playing a regular Sit N Go, provided you remember that you are not trying to win the tournament. It is like a satellite event where you are trying to win only one out of the x number of tickets on offer.

As far as strategy is concerned, most would choose to be patient and play solid, and loosen up as the game progresses. This strategy isn’t foolproof and will invite the better poker players to exploit. That being said, this approach is the one that pays out most frequently. Solid, tight, disciplined poker.

Others would rather take risks and play poker aggressive early on with the hope of accumulating more chips. This would work well when most of the players on your table are relatively tight. More often than not, this strategy leads to an early exit. Either way, what you must absolutely ensure to do is keep an eye on the blinds and antes along with your stack size, and stay afloat. Survival is key in Double of Nothing.

The money bubble in Double or Nothing poker tourneys can come within a few minutes, or could really take a while. Whenever it does come along though, things get serious. One of the remaining players leaves with nothing, while all the others get the same reward. The very same. This fact is extremely important in this DoN poker format and determines what actions you should be taking with what starting hands. Depending on your stack size, you can choose to wait it out, chip up, or find yourself desperate for a double. Either way, the aim is to hold on for just one more knock-out.

Players who are relatively new to the game of poker can choose this format owing to the reduced necessity to play many hands. In addition, they serve as a great poker bankroll builder. You can find a variety of Sit N Go DoN poker games on the PokerBaazi app. Technically speaking, winning 6 out of 10 times lands you a profit.

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The dynamics of any poker game require adjusting and readjusting, and these DoN poker games can be cracked by thinking through the structure and bubble dynamics, and then out-adjusting your opponents. There is no perfect way to play Double or Nothing tournaments, but a lot depends on the players at the poker table and your ability to distinguish skill levels and playing patterns. Avoid making mistakes with your stack early on, and just remember, all you have to do is survive. Make it through half the field and you’ve got double your money’s worth.