Best Casinos in the World

Even if you have never visited a casino yet, Hollywood hardly pulled any punches when flaunting the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas casinos in its best appeal. Even the not so blockbusters are remembered by most of us in bits and parts especially when they feature a thrilling game of poker or Blackjack maybe at the Roman styled Caeser’s Palace in the movie ‘Hangover’ or at Planet Hollywood in the movie ‘21’ or ‘Get Him to the Greek’. Naturally, Las Vegas casinos have been the most hyped amongst all, but in reality, there is much more when it comes to discovering magnificence and seeking fortune at the best casinos of the world.

So, if you are hell bent on paying a visit some time soon, or simply curious, let’s take a mental ride through some of the best casinos in the world as of today. Our list will also include the best online casinos for those of you who aren’t willing to step out of home just yet.

WinStar World Casino

It's time to get lucky in style. A class apart from a tribal American casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, WinStar is the world’s largest casino featuring 8,500 slot machines, 55 poker tables , and 100 table games. One of the best casinos in the world, the WinStar Casino Hotel was inaugurated in 2003 features world class amenities for the complete voguish vacation. Its 370,000 sq feet gaming zone is transformed into 9 separate city themed gaming parlours housing a bustling world of slot games people going bonkers at.

Being one of the best casinos in the world for a reason, WinStar features an off tracking betting home and exclusive bingo rooms and high stakes gaming parlours for the high rollers. Being at WinStar wouldn’t take anything from a Las Vegas casino, but you might leave only to come back for a lot more!

The Venetian Macau

This one might not be the Las Vegas casino, but boy, it's so much more! Aka, the ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient, Macau is home to some of the largest and most grandiose casinos in the world. What tops the list of the best casinos is the unparalleled Venetian Macau. Not just the second biggest in size, it is indeed, one of the best casinos in the world. Add to that, the Venetian Macau is the 7th largest architectural beauty in the world spanning with an exclusive floor space of 550,000 sq ft devoted to the pursuit of gambling that's further distinguished into 4 separate gaming areas, nestling 750 tables and 3000 slots! You know now, the 39 storey Venetian Macau ranks second in size but nevertheless one of the best casinos in the world.

The Bellagio

Taking up back on the Las Vegas casino streak, the 3rd in the list is the Bellagio nestling proud and tall in the heart of Las Vegas overlooking the stunning blue Mediterranean. Bellagio is a spectacular home for the high rollers who do not wish to settle for real money online casinos but want the juice and thrill of a hi-end live experience to the fullest. It's not just about the 2,300 electronic gambles, what attracts the best of skilled gamers is Bellagio’s humongous payouts!

Visitors at this Las Vegas Casino are guaranteed relentless vigour and the most dynamic casino experience complemented with top notch entertainment and game night all the time gracing you with some of the most gorgeous food menus at their steakhouse and cafes to settle your appetite for good. Few Totally Worthy Mentions include the likes of:  Galaxy Macau Casino Resort  Wynn Resort, Macau  SJM Grand Lisboa, Macau  The Wynn, Las Vegas

Still at Home? Here comes the best Real Money Online Casino

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Best Casinos in the World - FAQs

Opened in the year 2011, the Galaxy Macau Resort is not just the best casinos in the world but also one of the highest grossing revenue casinos in the world. With mega rich gaming fans strolling in and out the premises daily, the casino of the Galaxy Macau alone raked in more than 8billion dollar revenue in the year 2019.

Truth be told, while most of us might think the best casinos are the Las Vegas casinos, the richest ones are bustling in Macau. In terms of grossing revenue or even by size, Macau is home to both. The Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the world featuring a 370,000 sq feet gaming zone. The Galaxy Macau resort is the richest in terms of revenue collection that flew over 8 billion dollars annually in 2019.