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Casino War Game

Casino War Game: Gameplay, Rules & Strategy to Win Love the thrill and anticipation of playing casino games? If that’s a yes, how about we introduce you to one of the catchiest casino games that’s so easy to learn but calls in for never ending fun? Welcome yourself to the tables of the Casino War game, an exciting game played typically in casinos which is now available to play in online gaming apps as well.

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How to Play the Casino War Game? Like most card games , this one uses the standard french deck of 52 playing cards . However, instead of just one or two cards, Casino War utilizes 6 decks of such cards. The ranking of the cards are similar to that of poker game hand rankings where Aces are the highest value cards.

Before the Cards are Dealt

Before the dealer distributes the cards to himself and the player, he shall call for the wager amount. The player has to determine the amount of money they would like to stake in the first round and then both the dealer and the player shall put their chips in the betting spot as per the Casino War game rules.

Value of cards in Casino War

Aces are the cards with the highest value irrespective of the suit Gameplay In order to play this game, a single card is dealt each to the dealer and the player. The player whose card ranks higher in value, wins the bet. If in any case, both cards of the dealer and the player are of the same rank, the player gets to act on two options as per Casino war rules.

● The player can choose to surrender the bet, and loses half the amount of wager he placed in the round.

●OR he can choose to go to war with the dealer and must double the stakes in order to do so. If the player chooses to go for option 2 in case a tie occurs, the dealer has to burn or discard three cards and then deal another two cards, one each to himself and the player. In the scenario, if the card of the dealer is ranked higher than the player, the player will lose the double wager he just placed. On the contrary, if the player’s card ranks greater in value than that of the dealer’s, the player will gain back the amount of his original wager, but not the additional wager he placed the second time as per the Casino War rules. In an event of a second tie, this is when the player automatically wins the total amount of his wager he placed so far.

In a Casino war game online or ina live poker room , a player also has the option to place side bets when a tie occurs. If the player chooses to wager on the tie, and the card he receives from the dealer matches the dealer’s cards, the player shall now win 10 to 1 of his first wager on this tie amount. That’s it. All you need to know about this exciting game has been discussed. Try this game today and see if the fortune of wheel spins to favour you.

Casino War- FAQ

Q How does war work in casinos?

When you play the Casino War game, you play directly against the dealer and the participant whose card rank is higher than the other, wins the wager. Both the dealer and the player are dealt a single card each. He wagers a certain amount of money for this round.

  • A player can either give up the amount he staked if the dealer’s card ranks higher than his.
  • Or he can choose to go to war with the dealer by doubling his stake in which case another set of cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer to determine the final results..
Q What are the odds of a Casino War?

By the sound of it, the odds of winning in a Casino War game might seem even, since both cards are dealt in no particular order. By calculation, both the dealer and the player enjoys a 46.3% chance of winning the wager on the first round, however, the fact is, in reality, this is a far shot of having a 50:50 chance of winning the game . The house typically has a statistical edge over the player, one may think of it as a profit they make for tabling the game even if you decide to play a Casino war game online.

Q. Is there any strategy to Casino War?

Although Casino War is a game of chance, one interesting strategy a player can adopt is to double up the stake if he happens to lose the wager for his first card. Doing so helps you keep the chances of winning the opening wager back .

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