3 Patti Online Game

3 Patti Play Online

3 Patti is a popular card game that originated in India, similar yet different from a game of poker. A 3 patti online game is played with three to six players and a 52-card deck of cards without jokers. Before the cards are dealt the boot amount is determined and collected from each player (the pot). Players are then dealt three cards face down. As a 3 Patti game progresses, the money in the pot increases and the winner gets to keep the pot money. In teen Patti, the winner is the player who remains in the game till the hand is completed and has the best hand or the highest hand as per the online 3 patti card rankings.

Guide to 3 Patti Play Online

  • Each player contributes to the boot money and receives three cards face-down.
  • Play in a 3 patti online game begins with the player next to the dealer and proceeds in a clockwise direction.
  • A player has the option to place a wager without seeing the cards (blind) or see the cards. Once the player chooses to view his/her cards, they have the option to ‘chaal’ or other action options based on the progress of the game.
  • In 3 Patti a player who places a blind bet is known as the blind player. A player who places wager after seeing the cards is referred to as the seen player.

3 Patti Play Online Hand Rankings

The online 3 patti ranking from high to low is:

1. Trail or Set (three of the same rank)
2. Pure sequence
3. Sequence (or run)
4. Colour
5. Pair (two cards of the same rank) and
6. High Card.

In a online teen patti sequence, A-K-Q is the highest and A-2-3 is the second-ranked sequence.

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Online 3 Patti Terms To Know

Boot - Commonly known as ante, entry fee or the pot. This represents an equal amount contributed by each player before their cards are dealt. It is a forced wager to play the hand. The boot amount ensures each 3 Patti player who folds every round to feel the small pinch thus incentivizing gameplay with a small forced stake.
Also known as Pocket Rockets, Two Pips.
Post - Often, online 3 patti players are away from their seat and miss their ante/boot. The player is required to ‘post’ to re-enter the game. The amount to be posted to be a part of the next hand is the amount of the boot at the time the player missed their turn.
Posting is not required if the player who would otherwise post happens to be in the ante.
Also known as Cowboys, King Kong, Ace Magnets.
Blind Player - A 3 Patti player who opts to not see his/her card and play blind. You have the options to play pack, blind and show if available. To play Blind a player puts the wager amount in the pot. The Blind amount is equal to the current stake amount or twice the current stake amount. In case of the first player, the current stake amount will be the boot amount. So, if the first player decides to blind in a online 3 Patti cash game, the wager amount must be equal to the boot amount or twice the boot amount.
Stake Amount - The wager placed by a blind player is the ‘stake’ amount for the next player. If the wager is placed by a seen player, the stake becomes half the amount for the next online 3 Patti player. In case of the next blind players, the wager amount can be equal to the stake amount or twice the stake amount.

In a 3 patti online game only a blind player can ask for a show when one opponent is remaining in the game. The cards of both players are revealed, known as a blind show, and the winner gets the pot.
Seen Player - A teen patti online player who has seen his/her cards is known as a ‘seen player’. A seen player has the option to Chaal, Pack or other options depending on the stage of the 3 patti online card game online. The other options that may be available in a teen Patti game to a seen player are Show and Side Show. Once a player has seen his/her cards in, order to stay in the game they must exercise or play ‘chaal’, unless one of the below actions are also available.

  1. Chaal. To remain in a 3 patti online game, a seen player must play Chaal or Side Show if available. For chaal the player must put the wager amount in the pot. The wager amount for a seen player is equal to twice or four times the current stake amount. If the previous player is a blind player, the stake amount is the amount wagered by the player. If the previous player is a seen player, the stake amount is half the amount wagered by the player.
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  2. Side Show. A seen player can request for a Side Show in a teen Patti game. Sideshow refers to the intent to compare cards with the cards of the previous player. This option is available in 3 Patti online only if the previous player is also a seen player and there are other players still in the hand.
    To exercise Side Show, a player must put equal or twice the current stake in the pot. The request for a Side Show is conveyed to the previous player. The previous player has the option to accept or deny:
    - If the Side Show is accepted in a 3 patti game and the previous player has better cards, you must pack. However, if you have better cards, the previous player needs to pack. After one of the players have packed, the turn passes onto the next player.
    - If the Side Show is denied in a teen patti online game, you do not see each other’s cards and both of players remain in the game and the turn passes onto the next player.
3 patti Limited Stake and Unlimited Teen Patti Stake Tables

A limited stake online 3 Patti game has a limit to the amount a player can wager at a given time. For example, if the boot amount is Rs.2, a player can wager only a maximum of four blinds, the maximum chaal will be Rs. 256 and the Pot Limit will be 2048. Once the Pot Limit is reached in a game of teen Patti, all players in the hand are forced to reveal the cards and the winner is declared taking home the pot. It is always advisable to play Limited when you start playing Indian 3 patti online.

Loose versus tight play

In a teen Patti game, players tend to play hands beyond the first round or fold immediately. This is commonly referred to as loose or tight play in online 3 Patti. A tight online 3 Patti player is known to fold weak hands while a loose teen Patti player will wager more of these hands and likely to play till showdown most often.


The wagering continues in Indian Teen Patti until one of the below occurs:
- All but one player packs - The only remaining player wins the money in the pot, regardless of their cards
- All but two players pack. In this scenario, if one player requests for a "show", both players must expose their cards to determine the winner.
The following online 3 patti rules need to be followed while playing show:
- Only a seen player can play a show with a blind player for four times the current wager.
- If both are seen players by wagering two times the current wager, either may ask for a show.
A blind player cannot ask for a show or sideshow. While a blind player cannot ask (nor can be asked) for a sideshow, the advantage they have is to ask for a show. In a teen Patti game a player can choose not to show and surrender the pot in return.

3 Patti Rankings?

Three of a kind (or a trio) - Three of the same cards. The highest trio is Aces and the lowest trio is twos in a 3 patti online game.
Straight flush ( or a pure sequence) - A straight flush is three consecutive cards of the same suit. The highest pure sequence is A-2-3 followed by A-K-Q, K-Q-J and so on till 4-3-2. In a real money game of online 3 Patti a wrap around like K-A-2 is not considered a straight flush but is however a valid flush in a online 3 patti game.
Straight (sequence) - A straight is three consecutive cards not in the same suit. The highest sequence is A-2-3 to 4-3-2 which is the lowest sequence. K-A-2 in this case is not a valid hand in a teen Patti game.
Flush (colour) - All the 3 cards are of the same suit is known as a flush. If two players in a online 3 Patti game both have flushes, the player with the high card wins. If two players have the same card values, then the hands are ranked by suit beginning with spades first and clubs last.
Pair (double) - Two cards of the same rank is called a pair. The highest pair is aces and the lowest is deuces. If both players have pairs, the player with the higher value pair wins in a 3 Patti online game. If both players have the same pair, the value of the third card will determine the winner.
No pair (high card) - If both players have the same high card, the remaining card values come into play. Probabilities in Indian online 3 Patti The probability of all the teen Patti hands are listed below. Keeping in mind that the sequence in which the cards are dealt does not matter, the probabilities in a 52 card deck stand as below:

Hand Frequency Probability Odds
Three of a kind/trio 52 0.24% 424.00:1
Straight flush/pure sequence 48 0.22% 459.42:1
Straight/sequence 720 3.26% 29.69:1
Flush/colour 1096 4.96% 19.16:1
Pair 3744 16.94% 4.90:1
No pair/high card 16440 74.39% 0.34:1
Teen Patti Variations

A Teen Patti game has several variations, often played in isolation or combination.
Best-of-four - Each player is dealt four cards, instead of the regular 3 and they must make the best possible 3 cards Indian Teen Patti hand.
Lowball - In this 3 Patti variant, the order of the hand rankings are reversed, with the least ranking now having the highest rank and vice verse.
Wild draw - In this online 3 Patti game, the dealer pulls out one card at random after dealing and nominates all other cards of the same rank as wild cards.
Low wild - In this Indian 3 Patti variant, a player’s lowest-ranked cards are deemed wild cards in that players hand only.
High wild - In this Indian 3 Patti variant, a player’s highest ranked cards are deemed wild cards in that players hand only.
Two-lowest wild - In this 3 Patti variant a player is dealt four cards and the two lowest cards taken together form a virtual wild card in that player's hand only. If the two lowest cards are a pair then that pair may be considered as a single wild card. In this version, if the two middle-rank cards are a pair, then the player does not have any wild cards.
Bust card draw - In this fun 3 Patti game, the dealer pulls out one card at random after dealing and nominates all cards of the same rank as bust cards. Any player holding any of the bust cards has to fold.
Stud - In this 3 Patti game each player receives a preset mix of a combination of face-down and face-up cards. The cards dealt face down to each player are called hole cards. The cards dealt face-up are called street cards. The combination of hole cards and street cards are determined based on the variation of the game you are playing.
Community - Similar to a poker game, in this online 3 Patti game players are dealt incomplete hands of facedown cards and then several face-up community cards are revealed at the centre of the table. The community cards can be used by each of the players to make their best online 3 Patti hand combination.
Versions are:
• Three-card community: Each player is dealt two face-down cards followed by one face-up community card in this 3 Patti variant.
• Five-card community: Each player is dealt two face-down cards followed by three face-up community cards in this 3 Patti variant. Some versions of this game may require players to compulsorily select any one face-down cards and any two face-up cards to make a three-card hand.