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Best Android Phone games are really entertaining to play, and you may do it whether sitting at home or on the go. Picking the best phone games online on the App Store or Play Store, depending on the device you're using, can be tricky as most people aren't sure which game they want to play. So, here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 phone games that you may play for fun and entertainment at any time.

Free Poker Tournaments

Top 10 Phone Games to Play with Friends Online on Android

Online Poker Game

Among all the phone games online, it is one of the best games to play on your phone where you may constantly challenge yourself every single time, as players from all over the world compete in this game. Poker is a skill-based card game that is played with poker chips that involves tactics and a whole lot of thrill and fun. As this game debuted in the Indian subcontinent, online poker went on to evolved by huge leaps.

Texas Hold'em Poker is probably the most famous real money poker online variation; while Pot Limit Omaha and Open Face Chinese are a close second and third respectively.
The cards are dealt to all of the players in the game by the dealer. Participants use the chips to place bets depending on the card values after looking at the cards. There are many different types of poker games to choose from, and you may play any of them online at best poker sites PokerBaazi, you can learn and play all popular variants of poker and claim your share from hefty prize pools.

Play Poker Online on India’s Biggest Poker Gaming App, PokerBaazi

On PokerBaazi, you may play India's most rewarding skill based game, Poker and enjoy a world-class, seamless gaming experience that you won't find anywhere else. If you are a big fan of poker tournaments and want to earn huge cash, this is the platform for you.

There is a plethora of reasons to use our poker app: round-the-clock customer service, incredible deposit offers, most accessible buy-ins, 100 percent secure transactions, complete security against cyber attacks, and the most incredible rewards. Download the poker app to play poker online in India and win real money.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is the most widely played poker variant in the world. It is the perfect choice for beginners as the rules are fairly simple compared to more complex variations of the game. The main objective of texas holdem poker is to form the best five card hand by combining your two hole cards along with three community cards laid face up on the table along a course of four betting rounds. Players can call, check, raise or fold during the betting rounds. The last player active in the hand with the highest poker hand wins the pot.
You can play free poker games of Texas Hold’em as well as choose to play countless tournaments across stakes on the PokerBaazi app as per your bankroll and experience and win real money from attractive guarantees.

Bluff Phone Game

Popularly known as Cheat, Bullshit, bluff card game is one of the best smartphone games you can enjoy anytime and have some sick laughs with your mates. It is one of the best mobile phone games because you have nothing else but to lie your way to win! Lie about the cards you got and get rid of them all to finish first.

It's one of the best android games for the very reason that allows you to call each other’s bluffs. What happens when you do that? If you call someone’s bluff and he indeed lies, he takes back all the cards in the open pile including his. If he indeed told the truth about his cards, then as a consequence, you must collect all the cards in the stack instead. So, now you know why it is one of the most played phone games online today.

Mendicot Phone Game

Another one that makes it to the list of top 10 online phone games is the mendicot game. It is a four player skill based card game originated in India and played in partnership that makes it super fun. Played with a standard 52 deck of cards , the main goal is to collect tricks of tens. In these top phone games, two players who draw the two highest cards team up against the ones who drew the lowest two cards each. Then, 13 cards are dealt in a batch of five and then, a batch of four after which players pick their hands to examine them.

When you play the best card game online such as Mendicot, any team that captures 3 or 4 of the tens wins the hand. Winning every trick in a hand is called Fifty-two Mendicot. If both teams collect exactly two tens, the team who won maximum tricks wins the hand in these top phone games.

Rummy Phone Games Online

Are you looking for the top phone games to play at home? If that's the case, your quest may come to an end right now. Rummy is one of the most popular card games in the world and one of the best phone games online, with players from nearly every country partaking in this game. Moreover, playing an online rummy game connects players to a community of very competitive players from all over the world who devote a significant amount of time, skill, and money.

The number of players in the game will determine how many cards are dealt. Usually, the Rummy card game is played by 2 to 6 players using a standard 52 card deck. In the game of Indian rummy, each player is given 13 cards. If you play this as a cash game, you should try to construct sets of cards that the dealer will hand to you into sets and sequences.
A player can claim victory after arranging 13 cards in valid two sequences, including one pure sequence and more groups, as per the Indian rummy rules. If you want to play the best phone games online, Rummybaazi is an excellent choice. You may play free phone games, cash games as well as various kind of rummy tournaments on this free online mobile games app and win real money and incredible Loyalty Rewards.

Fantasy Sports Online Phone Game

Also referred to as rotisserie or roto, Fantasy sports is frequently regarded as one of the best Android phone games since it allows you to earn real money while playing your favourite sport. It is one of the best phone games online in which players form virtual teams made up of proxies of actual players in a professional sport do online prediction. If you play fantasy sports real money games, you should be aware that you are playing with real money.

Real-life data is translated into fantasy points, and you get points for them. You must arrange your own fantasy team of players who will play in a specific match as per their recent performance and stats.
If your team happens to score maximum points in the leaderboard, you will be able to earn more money than you would invest. The better your player performs in real life, the more your fantasy points. So, put on your predictor’s hat and get ready to win some real cash in these multiplayer online games.

PUBG Online Phone Games

PUBG is most popular online phone game here is the all details about PUBG online mibile game

Knife Hit Phone Game

Whenever there is a list made about the best smartphone games online, Knife hit will definitely be on that list. This game depends on your aiming skills; we can say it is a method of discovering the truth. Knife Hit is a simple and entertaining free online phone game of agility in which you must demonstrate your knife throwing abilities.

In pubg online mobile game, you need to aim at the wooden logs in order to break them apart. You will be able to acquire new knives if you are successful at slicing the apples, pieces of sushi or giant tomatoes in the game. You have to confront the boss after every fifth level in such best phone games online. Be cautious not to hit the spikes at any point during the game. You can keep throwing knives if you strike the spinning surface. However, if you strike one of the previously present knives, this mobile game will be over. So, play the game and become a knife master.

8 Ball Pool Phone Game

If you don't want to spend real money on a game, Pool may be the finest option among the many free phone games available on the internet. It comes under the category of top 10 phone games in India. In these free online games, stripes and solids are the two types of balls. Before throwing the black ball into one of the pockets on the pool table, you must place a total of 8 balls in the pockets.

You need to only put one sort of ball in each pocket. In one-on-one combat, you can compete against other real players online. There are also tournaments where you can compete to become the best pro pool player and win real money. We have made this list of phone games to play online after thorough research. You will surely enjoy playing these top 10 phone games to play with friends online on android. All the mobile games have a huge player base and have garnered a lot of positive reviews since their inception. So, download the one which suits you the most and immerse yourself into the world of online gaming.

Phone Games - FAQ

Q. What are the best mobile phone games to play on yourphone?

If you are seeking for the best android phone games that are worth downloading and also want to earn real money through them, poker is an excellent option that’s skills based game and rewards you in real cash when you win. Visit PokerBaazi to explore different variants of poker across stakes and play to win real cash daily.

Q. What games are free on your phone?

There is a myriad of free phone games available in the market in which you can try out Carrom, indian poker card rummy, Bottle Shoot, Fruit chop, Knife hit and many more.

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