Solitaire is a classic game beloved by generations of card players. To play Solitaire online requires strategy, patience, and attention to detail, making it an enjoyable and challenging game for players of all ages. However, in order to truly master the game, you need more than just luck and a few strategic moves – you need to be conscious of every move you make in the game. 

So, whether you’re a complete beginner to the game of Solitaire or an experienced veteran, these 6 simple tips are sure to help you get better quicker. From optimizing the way you position your cards to using the undo button and other hints, this blog will have you level up and play Solitaire online like a pro in no time. 

1. Practice Makes You Perfect

To truly improve your Solitaire game, it’s important to practice regularly. Make it a habit to set aside time to practice few times a week, and you’ll see your skills improve over time. When you lose a game, take a few minutes to analyze what went wrong. Did you make a strategic error? Did you get unlucky with the cards dealt to you? Understanding your mistakes and practising regularly will help you improve in the future.

2. Handle Your Face-down Cards First

When you play Solitaire online, no matter which variation you choose, the face-down cards in the tableau often block your ways and hinder your progress. By flipping them over and using them smartly, you can potentially unblock other cards and create more opportunities for further moves. 

Playing the face-down cards first can also help you to uncover hidden cards that may be useful in the future. It is important to prioritize these cards in the tableau if you wish to enjoy a smooth road to victory.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Undo Your Moves

When you play Solitaire online, you are allowed to undo any moves that you have made. If you find that a move you made is not helping you win the game, don’t be afraid to undo it and try something else. It is better to take a step back and try a different strategy than to get stuck and lose the game. This will increase your chances of winning the game and help you become a better Solitaire player.

4. If You Don’t Have a King, Avoid Vacant Spots

One strategy to win at Solitaire is to avoid emptying spots (also known as empty columns or empty tableau piles) if you don’t have a King. This is because once a spot is emptied, it can be difficult to fill it again and can hinder your ability to make further moves. It’s often better to wait to empty a spot until you have a King available to fill it, as this will allow you to make more strategic moves and potentially improve your chances of winning

5. Begin with Bigger Stacks

Try to focus on the bigger stacks of cards first at the start of the game These are typically located in the corners or on the edges of the board. By clearing these stacks, you can open more space and create opportunities to move cards around and create new stacks. Additionally, starting with the bigger stacks can also help you build momentum from the start, making it easier to tackle the smaller stacks as you go.

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6. Avoid Moving Cards Without Purpose

One of the biggest mistakes that you might make when you play Solitaire online is moving cards around with no specific intention or just for the sake of fun. It may seem like a small thing, but it can actually have a big impact on the outcome of the game. When you move a card, you are essentially disrupting the order of the deck and potentially making it more difficult to find the cards you need. Therefore, it is important to only move cards in the direction of victory.

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Ready to try your hand at Solitaire using these excellent strategies?

Solitaire games can provide hours of fun and can help you sharpen your mind. We hope that these tips have helped you get better at playing solitaire and enjoying the game even more. Studying the basics, taking your time when making decisions, looking for patterns in cards, and tracking progress are all ways you can use to sharpen your skills at this game. 

Don’t forget that while winning may not happen every time, playing Solitaire consistently will eventually lead you to higher scores and mastery in what might have seemed like an intimidating game before.

And finally, having fun while playing is also important! Don’t forget to take breaks between games and reward yourself with victories along the way.  All the best on your Solitaire journey!