Civilians enjoy poker but have you thought about your favourite superheroes and villains batting against each other on a poker table? Believe it or not, these iconic superheroes that we idolize on screen might share our passion for poker. Most of them rely on brute strength to make their point, but at the poker table, it’s strategy, skill and wit that wins out every time.

Each one of us has some or the other favourite superhero or villain. Let’s find out which superhero are you or if we have one of yours on this list:

The Joker

Remember Heath Ledger as the Joker? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? The character played his whole life around the card game. His psychotic tendencies and a manipulative wit make him a great pro at the poker table. It’s obvious he loves to calculate his moves and deceive his opponent by being unpredictable at any given time, pulling a bluff even Batman won’t be able to beat!

We would have loved to include Batman in this list of which superhero are you, but then that would have been too predictable, right?


Deadpool’s sarcasm and jokes is something we could all root for. And not just that, his unpredictable nature and a character trait to keep everyone interested in the game with his endless talks and expressions makes it very difficult for the other players to figure him out. You think you can beat him? Well try! He’d already be planning a different poker strategy in his head while you’re just trying to play out the last one.


We all are very familiar with Mr. Wolverine’s strong mutant senses. You’re not gonna go very far with your deceptive or fake tell because he’ll see right through it. Trying to pull a big bluff? Preparing to raise the stakes?

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He’s like a mind-reader. And he will most probably use his heightened instincts over math to play the game. Beware! That’s one of the most useful tools at a poker table.

The Thing

Can’t we just call him The Rock? If only Dwayne Johnson hadn’t used that up! He’s one of those players to always throw in all the stakes for a good hand. Some might say that’s stupid, we call it his super-useful trait. Now don’t forget, he’s also a scientist! His analytical skills and god reasoning power wins the game. If not, what are his rock-hard fists for?

Saving the world was too mainstream for them but they just made our game of poker a whole lot interesting! Did your favourites top this list?