PLO Championship 5CR+ GTD

Terms & Conditions
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Day 1: 20th April (Thursday)
4:00 PM PC#1 (PLO-5) KICKOFF 10L GTD (RE) 2500+250
6:30 PM PC#2 (PLO-4) 6L GTD (RE) 1500+150
8:00 PM PC#3 (PLO-6) 20L GTD (RE) 5000+500
9:30 PM PC#4 (PLO-5) 8L GTD (RE) 2000+200
Day 2: 21st April (Friday)
4:00 PM PC#5 (PLO-4) 5L GTD (RE) 1250+125
6:30 PM PC#6 (PLO-5) 10L GTD (RE) 2500+250
8:00 PM PC#7 (PLO-6) HIGHROLLER 20L GTD (RE) 10000+1000
9:30 PM PC#8 (PLO-6) 8L GTD (KO-RE) 2000+500+250
Day 3: 22nd April (Saturday)
4:00 PM PC#9 (PLO-6) 8L GTD (RE) 1800+180
6:30 PM PC#10 (PLO-5) 6L GTD (RE) 1500+150
8:00 PM PC#11 (PLO-6) 14L GTD (RE) 4000+400
9:30 PM PC#12 (PLO-4) 7L GTD (RE) 2000+200
Day 4: 23rd April (Sunday)
4:00 PM PC#13 (PLO-5) 10L GTD (PKO-RE) 2000+500+250
5:30 PM PC#14 (PLO-4) 5L GTD (RE) 1500+150
7:00 PM PC#15 (PLO-6) 20L GTD (RE) 5000+500
8:30 PM PC#16 (PLO-5) 6L GTD (RE) 1500+150
Day 5: 24th April (Monday)
4:00 PM PC#17 (PLO-5) 6L GTD (PKO-RE) 1250+250+150
6:30 PM PC#18 (PLO-4) 7L GTD (RE) 2000+200
8:00 PM PC#19 (PLO-5) 14L GTD (RE) 4000+400
9:30 PM PC#20 (PLO-6) 8L GTD (RE) 2000+200
Day 6: 25th April (Tuesday)
4:00 PM PC#21 (PLO-5) 4L GTD (RE) 750+75
6:30 PM PC#22 (PLO-5) 8L GTD (RE) 2000+200
8:00 PM PC#23 (PLO-6) 15L GTD (RE) 4000+400
9:30 PM PC#24 (PLO-4) 7L GTD (RE) 2000+200
Day 7: 26th April (Wednesday)
4:00 PM PC#25 (PLO-6) 5L GTD (KO-RE) 1000+250+125
6:30 PM PC#26 (PLO-4) 3L GTD (RE) 750+75
7:30 PM PC#27 (PLO-5) HIGHROLLER 20L GTD (RE) 10000+1000
9:30 PM PC#28 (PLO-6) 8L GTD (RE) 2000+200
Day 8: 27th April (Thursday)
4:00 PM PC#29 (PLO-4) 4L GTD (RE) 1250+125
6:30 PM PC#30 (PLO-6) 8L GTD (KO-RE) 2000+500+250
7:30 PM PC#31 (PLO-6) MINI MAIN EVENT 30L GTD (RE) 5000+500
9:30 PM PC#32 (PLO-5) 7L GTD (RE) 2000+200
Day 9: 28th April (Friday)
4:00 PM PC#33 (PLO-6) 5L GTD (RE) 1000+100
6:30 PM PC#34 (PLO-5) 8L GTD (RE) 2000+200
7:30 PM PC#35 (PLO-6) SUPER HIGHROLLER 40L GTD (RE) 20000+2000
9:30 PM PC#36 (PLO-4) 6L GTD (RE) 1500+150
Day 10: 29th April (Saturday)
4:00 PM PC#37 (PLO-4) 5L GTD (RE) 1250+125
6:30 PM PC#38 (PLO-6) 6L GTD (RE) 1500+150
7:30 PM PC#39 (PLO-6) 15L GTD (RE) 4000+400
9:30 PM PC#40 (PLO-5) 6L GTD (PKO-RE) 1500+500+200
Day 11: 30th April (Sunday)
4:00 PM PC#41 (PLO-5) 10L GTD (RE) 2000+200
5:30 PM PC#42 (PLO-6) 12L GTD (RE) 3000+300
7:00 PM PC#43 (PLO-6) MAIN EVENT 50L GTD (RE) 7000+700
8:30 PM PC#44 (PLO-4) AFTERPARTY 8L GTD (RE) 2000+200
Rank Prize (RCB)
1 200000
2 160000
3 130000
4 100000
5 78000
6 60000
7 45000
8 35000
9 25000
10 15000
11 10000
12 10000
13 8000
14 8000
15 8000
16 7500
17 7500
18 7500
19 7500
20 7500
21 7500
22 7000
23 7000
24 7000
25 7000
26 7000
27 7000
28 7000
29 7000
30 7000
  • All tournaments will begin promptly at the scheduled time stated in the Tournament Lobby. We reserve the right to delay or cancel a tournament without prior notice. In case a user is registered and the tournament gets canceled, the Buy-in amount will be refunded to the user.
  • Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted.
  • Prizes will be awarded as stated in the Tournament Lobby, except when a deal is made or the tournament is canceled.
  • The prize structure is not finalized and keeps on changing as more users enter the tournament until registration has closed and the rebuy and/or add-on period is over.
  • If two or more players are eliminated on the same hand, a player with more chips at the start of the hand finishes higher than a player with fewer chips.
  • In order to be eligible to rebuy in a rebuy tournament, you must have the funds available in your account. Funds currently in play in other games are not considered to be available.
  • Important information about each tournament, including the blind structure, length of rounds, rebuy and break information, can be found by selecting the tournament in the lobby. We reserve the right to change the parameters of any tournament at any time without notice.
  • Tickets won through a contest, satellite, rewards or any other promotion for a particular tournament cannot be exchanged for another tournament.
  • If you win a ticket to any of the above events, you will be directly registered to the tournament. If you then use a deposit code, the ticket from such code will not be valid and cannot be used or refunded.
  • Multiple satellite wins will result in only single registration to the tournament. Multiple satellite wins are reimbursed as Real Cash Chips instantly.
  • If you use a deposit code or win a ticket through any other promotion and then win a ticket through a satellite, the ticket from the satellite is reimbursed in Real Cash Chips instantly.
  • A player can be disqualified from the promotions and their winnings can be blocked if they are found guilty of any misconduct or fraudulent activities such as multi-accounting, chip dumping etc. in violation of the policy. The final decision will be at the discretion of the PokerBaazi team.
  • You understand and acknowledge that once a game/tournament has commenced, not being able to play due to slow internet connections, faulty hardware, internet connection failure, low computer configuration or for some other reason are not attributable to us and the same do not entitle you to refund of the entry fee you may have paid for participation.
  • reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • By taking part in this promotion, you agree to allow PokerBaazi to share your name, username and images to social media and third party media channels.
  • All Leaderboard prizes will be credited as Real Cash Bonus.
  • Tournament Leaderboard points are updated at 7 AM daily. If a tournament ends post 7 AM on a given day, leaderboard points will be updated on the next day.
  • In case of any queries please contact us at
  • Leaderboard Formula:
    Points = 10 * [sqrt(A)/sqrt(B)] * [1+log(C+0.25)]
    Where A is the number of entrants, B is the place of finish, and C is the buy-in amount.
  • Leaderboard points are allotted only if a user finishes in the paid positions.