We know how it feels when you see pros winning cash prizes worth millions of dollars in various tournaments. Nowadays, with all this frenzy about playing online poker in India going on, not much information about playing and winning the game is available.

Positive attitude, poker strategy basics and staying calm can indeed help you in the long run but a few hacks won’t hurt you. With these steps, you can not only learn how to play poker, but also become an expert and ace the game. Here are a few beginner poker tips.

Evaluating Hand’s Value

You must fix your cards as per the value, once the cards have been dealt. In Texas Holdem, community cards on the table can be used and the two hole cards that are dealt to each player can also be used. Combining these, a five-card winning combination must be made. Thus, to win, each player needs to play the cards accordingly.

Understanding The Odds First

One of core beginner poker tips to know your odds of winning, before getting involved in a pot. Before placing chips on the pot, the card combination should be checked by the player. With the help of this step, the player will get to know if the game is worth carrying on or not.

How about you Fold now?

For a long time period, a few hands will be played, thus the poker player needs to predict about folding their cards in such a poker game.

Strong Hands Charm

If the player is confident about having strong poker hand ranking such as a Full House, then it is best to play these in full table games. The advantage of such a winning hand is that the player can easily beat more and more players. However, it is possible that other players may have a good card combination.


Before the first betting round or the “Flop”, aggressive moves are important for winning the game. If you’re playing strong hands, only then can you do those competitive moves in a poker tournament.


Another one of online poker tips you must take note of is your choice of the game. If you have enough money to satisfy your gambling wishes, then Texas Hold’em could be

your full-time commitments. Thus, it is also important to decide when to join and when to leave the game.

Focus is the key

During a game, pay attention to all players as you may learn something new right in that moment. Thus, figure out all strategies that are used by the other players and plan your moves after the table.

Confidence is Important

It is okay to make mistakes when playing poker as long as you’re playing by the poker rules. It doesn’t mean that you are not a decent player. Therefore, always show yourself as confident in front of others, so they too don’t think of you as weak. Also, do not lose control just over a game.

Keep Your Ego Aside

It is seen that often during poker games, it is about the players’ ego. Due to this, they can lose their focus and lose. Instead, the player should concentrate on the dealt cards and win combinations that can be made from those cards on the poker table.

Avoid Imitation

One of the most useful beginner poker tips is to learn from other good players. Do not plainly copy the strategies of other players. Instead, understand these strategies well and then use them in your own way to win.

Play With Caution

For cautious play, the player can fold the cards if their hand doesn’t show a scope of improvement after the flop. Check the number of players still standing and make your move accordingly.

Avoid Chasing Open and Low-end Straights

To get more chances of winning, the high-end straights should be chased. Therefore, it is important to track a high-end combination as compared to the low-end ones.

Play Smartly

You need to play the game of poker in such a manner that you don’t end up looking like a fool on the table. Therefore, never play loose in a short-handed game.

While there are many things that add up to the poker strategies required to win live poker tournaments, we feel the above steps when followed religiously will help you win a lot of real money in poker games. Take these beginner poker tips to the tables today and see your game improve.