Poker success or failure is based on the existence of a competitive benefit over your opponents. How do I improve my poker game? Why am I losing so much money in live poker tournaments? Why cannot I make money while playing online poker? 

These are some pretty elusive questions you will find on almost all internet forums. Here is a quick list of the top reasons why people lose when playing poker online.

Tilting Mode Always ON

It is the most precarious reason to lose any game. It is the condition of making wrong decisions due to mental deficiency. You should know that anything can happen in poker and you can suffer bad plays or bad beats just like any other player.

Many players make the mistake of playing the game when on tilt and end up losing money in poker in bulk. It is better to take a walk for 10-15 minutes if you notice any signs of tilt.

You Don’t Believe in Bankroll Management

You might risk a lot more if you are not befittingly bankrolled for the table stakes you are playing at. Managing bankroll is really important since you will raucously experience winning streaks and losing streaks.

You CHECK/CALL More Often than BET/RAISE

If you are only checking or calling, then you are giving your opponents the opportunity to take pots away with their own aggression and by not raising, you lose value on your good hands. 

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Being aggressive gives you better prospects to pick up pots when you don’t have a hand and it allows you to amplify the value on your made hands. To avoid losing at poker, most successful poker players are very aggressive and they would rather bet or raise than simply check or call.

You Don’t Make Proper Bets

Missing value in bets is the same as losing money in poker, many players bet too small even with big hands as they don’t want to scare their opponents away. Your main goal is to take your opponent’s entire stack when you make a big hand and to maximize your value on your big hands.

You Play Out of Position

You give your opponent the advantage of seeing how you act before they act when you play out of position. Blinds and buttons are some of the best positions to re-raise. Re-raising from the button will give an impression that you have strong hands as many players simply do not risk to re-raise with marginal hands.

You Play Drunk

Playing poker drunk is an awful thing you can do to yourself and to your money. You will end up losing lots of money or will go on tilt. It might give you a boost or thrill, but losing your own money is just not exciting. So, play first and drink later.

The cards won’t be able to save you if you are playing at a disadvantage. These tips will help you avoid these things and win more real cash in poker.

Final Words

The idea is to strike a balance in your game, not go overboard and leave the table when you see you are losing more than you can afford to. NEVER stay to recover your losses. Catch a good break and return fresh with a clear mind and a stronger game.