Suited connectors are hands which are next to each other in rank and both are the same suit, for example, 4 and 5 of hearts. Constructively, it can hit straights in two directions and can also make flushes. 

They are considered powerful as your opponents will find it really tough to put you on a hand. Being able to know the true value of a connector is really important to win the game. 56 suited is better than 78, but only when it is in a later position and 78 is suitably better than 56 regardless of the position. 

However, there are few factors that should be given consideration to know the true worth of a suited connector.

Let’s say, you have 34 and even if you are in position, it is advised to not involve in raised pots and moreover, it would work extraordinarily for stealing attempt/raise in late position. It might even get difficult to earn money with 34 when you have a flush.

It is likely that other players will have a bigger flush than you and those who won’t will gladly step out of the way.


You should only play this hand with suited connectors when you expect to win a lot of money whilst hitting your flush or straight, as they are highly speculative hands. However, you might not want to spend too much money just to see the flop. Do you?

Early or Middle Position

As it is a known fact, your opponent controls the hand when you are out of position and much of the strength of the suited connector comes from when they flop a draw, but playing draws out of position can be troubling. The value of the suited connector remains somewhat static from early to the middle position.

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You just cannot afford to call too big a pre-flop raise as it can cost you a lot of money. So, it is best to avoid playing this hand in an early or middle position.

Late Position

This is considered as a perfect position to play this hand as here you can fantastically call and hit the flop hard. The value of suited connectors indeed skyrockets when you jump to the late position. 

You enhance the chance that your opponent will hit something on the flop and bet out by entering the flop with more opponents. It will give you the much needed implied odds to play this hand and win a lot of money.

Just because you have suited connectors and a flush draw, it doesn’t mean you must always want to put lots of money in the pot. It is really important to be cautious to determine exactly how strong your draw is on different boards.

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