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Card games have their designated space and love in the heart of card game enthusiasts, especially Indians. As a result, the country has witnessed the birth and popularity of multiple card games over time.

One such game is the Lakadi game which resonates with every card game enthusiast in India, especially in the Northern region and the neighboring countries of Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

It is a strategic Tash game played with a standard deck of 52 cards with four players (generally). Historians believe that the game originated from the trick-taking game of Spades. The Spades suit is the trump suit in this game, and the hierarchy of cards is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

The popularity of the Lakadi wala game in Indian households is gaugable because it is one of the favorite pastimes for people of all age groups and skills in the South Asian community. So without further ado, let’s learn about every aspect of the Lakadi Card game.

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Game Objective of Lakadi Game

In the Lakadi Game, the objective is to play multiple rounds using a predetermined set of cards, 52 in case, and win at least the number of tricks bid during the start of the game or as many tricks as possible.

Scores are tallied at the end of all the rounds and the player with the highest score (who has the most number of tricks) wins the game. It is important to note that the number of rounds of the Lakadi game differs on different apps and websites.

Lakadi Game Rules

Considering the popularity of the Lakadi card game in the Indian subcontinent, it is necessary to remember all the Lakadi rules for a smooth and fun gaming experience.

  • The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards excluding jokers between 4 players. All players receive 13 cards each, meaning the game comprises 13 hands.
  • Ace is the highest-ranking card in the game, while 2 is the lowest-ranking card in the Lakadi ka game.
  • Before the game begins, players bid on the number of tricks they will make in the game as per the cards they receive.
  • Players receive points equal to the bids made if the number of tricks they win is the same as that of the bid announced. They receive 0.1 points for winning each additional trick and negative points equal to the bid if they don’t win the number of hands they bid.

For example, If a player bid three tricks but wins five, they score 3.2 points. One point is for each promised bid and the additional 0.2 points are for two extra tricks won. On the other hand, their points/score will be -3 if they bid three tricks but win two or fewer tricks.

  • The highest-ranking card in the hand wins the trick unless any player plays the card of the spade suit. It means that even a 2 of Spades can beat the highest-ranked card of any other suit.

It is because Spades is the trump suit in the Lakadi wala game; therefore, it trumps all cards of the three other suits in the game.

  • As per Lakadi rules, the player who wins the trick in a particular round/hand leads the next hand/round. It is crucial as it helps the player to decide the lead suit for the next round and make their winning strategy in the Lakadi ka game.
  • Points get calculated when the game ends after the predetermined number of rounds. The player with the most points at the end of all the rounds wins the game. Cash or bonus rewards, which each player receives in the multiplayer Lakadi cash games, also depend on their point total.

How to Play Lakadi Game?

Undoubtedly, the Lakadi card game is known widely among card game enthusiasts in India. Some crucial reasons for its immense popularity are the multiple aspects of its gameplay that make the gameplay exciting.

That said, let’s start learning how to play the Lakadi game.

  • Each player receives 13 cards indicating 13 hands in each round. The number of rounds varies from platform to platform.
  • Players bid on the minimum number of tricks they will win before the game begins. The maximum number of tricks that each player can win is generally eight. However, it may differ on each gaming app or website.
  • The player sitting on the dealer's immediate right leads the first trick of the game. The other players follow the direction of play and throw the card in the same suit as the lead player.
  • Player/s can play any card of the trump suit or any other suit if they do not have the card of the same suit as the lead player.
  • The game continues for the predetermined number of rounds and the total points gets calculated after the game ends. The player with the most points wins the game.
  • Once all the rounds end, the declared bids and the number of tricks won decide the score of each player. The player with the highest score wins the Lakadi tash game.

Strategy for Lakadi Game

The Lakadi card game is one of those games where skill, strategy and luck go hand in hand. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to master the game using shortcuts.

However, card game enthusiasts have developed a few strategies that help gain you the upper hand in the game.

Pay Attention to the Trump Suit

There is no doubt that the Trump suit is a game changer and any card of the Trump suit can affect game results. Therefore, players must strategically use the trump cards to win as many tricks as possible.

Observe Your Opponents

Observing the opponents and the cards they play is crucial as it ensures strategic gameplay. Careful observations allow players to use foresight and plan their moves to win as many tricks as possible.

No Overbid

Players must remember to bid carefully and after a thorough examination of their cards. It is because bidding on both a large and small number of tricks will result in you losing the game.

While bidding many tricks will get the player negative points if they cannot win the exact number of hands bid, bidding a small number of hands will get you the lowest score possible.

Play Cards Strategically

According to the veteran players, participants must play the cards strategically. It ensures smooth gameplay and always keeps the game in control of the player. As a result, players can take charge of the game and secure a win.

Track Your Score

Players must always keep track of their score and their opponents in the game. It helps to change the strategy if necessary and wins the game.

Following these tips and tricks improves the chances of winning in an online Lakadi multiplayer game. It is why veteran players and coaches suggest players to stay focused, observant, strategic, and adaptable throughout the game to come out on top.

Benefits of Playing Lakadi Game

Playing Lakadi game online card games offers a range of benefits that apply to all walks of life. It improves concentration, develops strategic thinking, enhances memory skills, reduces stress, improves social interaction and more.

Perhaps this is why the Lakadi game is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games in South Asia. Let’s learn more.

Improves Concentration

The Lakadi game requires concentration and focus. It improves concentration control that, subsequently, betters the ability to focus on the task at hand for a longer time. As a result, players can improve their overall productivity with enough practice.

Develops Strategic Thinking

Playing the Lakadi game develops out-of-the-box and strategic thinking abilities. As a result, players can win the maximum tricks possible and, ultimately, the game by making effective decisions with consistent practice.

Enhances Memory and Cognitive Skills

The Lakadi game requires players to observe each move and remember which cards the opponents have played. Practicing and storing large amounts of information that changes every ten seconds enhances your memory and cognitive skills.

Reduces Stress

The Online Lakadi card game disconnects the players from daily stressors and helps them to focus on the game. As a result, after a couple of games, the user feels relaxed and at ease with reduced stress relievers and has improved and better mental health in the long run.

Social Interaction

Playing the Lakadi game online multiplayer game helps players foster better relations with friends, family members or colleagues. They also have the option to use this newfound opportunity for social interaction and bonding to improve their social skills.


When a centuries-old game is still popular, it must undoubtedly be entertaining. The same is the case with the Lakadi game. It is a fun and delightful game that guarantees every bit of gameplay is fun.

All these benefits collectively make the Lakadi wala game interesting and fun to play anytime and anywhere.


In conclusion, the Lakadi game is a centuries-old skill and strategy-oriented and engaging online card game. It is popular among players in South Asia and is easy to learn and play, which makes it a right fit for players of all ages and skill levels.

The easy-to-understand rules and gameplay make it the top pick for every card lover in India and other neighboring countries. Take a while to learn the rules and get started!

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